D Watts

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D. Watts is a singer/lyricist from Birmingham. Her music is a mix of modern rock, acoustic, and edgy-alternative with a deep, soulful voice tying it altogether. Watts spent six years fronting several cover bands and had a successful career as a cover band artist, but desired to do more.

Watts grew up in a Christian home filled with music. Her parents are musicians and lead worship at their church. She was raised to sing for God, but got swept up in the lure of the world for many years.

With the completion of her second album, Brand New Start, D. Watts is literally making a brand new start. She's embarking on a new career in singing in the Christian arena. Combining her own personal testimony of how God delivered her from the enticements and deceptions of the world with the power of how impacting our choices can be, she is speaking out to those hurting and looking for a better life.

During the course of writing the second album, Watts' life began to transform. Her songs began to reflect her need for God in every part of her life. The lyrics are about real life struggles with which we all can identify. She quickly realized that Christian music is where she belongs and left the world of cover bands and night life.

D. Watts has played over 400 evens during her career. During 2006, she has been a part of the line up at Workplay Theatre, the Birmingham Chicks Rock Fest, the Whistlestop Festival, and several local Christian events.

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