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D. Watts

Denise Watts, (everyone just calls her "D"), is a Birmingham singer/songwriter. Watts got her start in music by being born into a family of musicians. Her parents, were the music ministers for every church she ever attended growing up. She sang back-up vocals for her dad at the age of 10 and at the age of 15, she started writing song lyrics and having dreams of being in a band, but it wasn't until she was 29 that she actually got the opportunity to pursue this passion. She jumped into the band world in full throttle in April 2000, singing in cover bands around Birmingham and surrounding cities. While singing cover tunes, she continued writing lyrics with the hope that she would one day make a solo album. In 2004, Watts teamed up with Birmingham musician, Ben Trexel, who has several guitar instrumental albums of his own. Together they quickly realized they made a good team.

My Own Way, was self-released in July 2005 and it's been described as soulful modern rock. Watts writes her songs about personal events that she feels others can identify with in their own lives. When she isn't singing, Watts is working with the deaf as a teacher and devotes all of her free time to her six-year-old daughter, Tamar.

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