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Bagoteeth are:
Adam Baker
Kris Daw
Michael Jowell

Adam Baker is a 24 year old Birmingham native who graduated from the University of Montevallo in December of 2004 with a BFA degree in art. He is currently working with the AV group Bagoteeth doing digital design, digital video editing, animation, and ambient noise scaping.

Kris Daw graduated from Montevallo University in 2003; majored in English, minored in Art (photography), and philosophy. Most of his influences come from film, music, and photography. The Bagoteeth project, in the beginning, was a chance to hone in on his video skills, but eventually animation became his next passion.

Michael Jowell had his first exposure to digital media was in high school in the early nineties. He's been tinkering with various digital tools ever since. He attended the University of Montevallo in the mid-90s as an Art major. Bagoteeth brings together as many of Jowell's creative interests as possible including animation, video editing, web design, image manipulation, sound design, and performance.