Backseat Virgins

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From Rapid Randy, guitarist of Backseat Virgins:

In 2002, I started Backseat Virgins because my club needed an extra local band to help attendance at shows. Since the beginning I've had many friends play in the band. The revolving door of musicians ended when Neeta, Neesie, and Mike joined the band.

Neeta and I have been singing together for the past year. Her harmonies give the band a unique sound in the pop punk scene. We played acoustic shows for most of 2005 and started back up as a full band in early 2006.

Neesie was in town from Memphis visiting when she caught our set at a local show. We ran into her a few months later and discovered she had moved to Birmingham and was looking for a band. Her genuine personality won us over so after a brief tryout we asked her to be our bass player.

Mike is the drummer for Model Citizen and various other local bands so we knew he'd be able to handle the job. His wild behavior and incredible skills are legendary in Birmingham.

Download music from the CD Born Again:
Beating Heart
All Day Long
Lose That Dude