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13ghosts was formed in 1990 under a different name, and lasted a few years before succumbing to the excesses of being 21. Though the members remained friends, they were spread across the country and didn't make music again until the death of the bass player in 1998. The original inception of 13ghosts was Armstrong and Russell sitting in the basement with guitars and loose ties after the funeral, trying to write a record about their friend. Though this record was never released, it inspired them to put together a lasting group. Boggan joined on bass in 2000, and Lucia joined on drums in 2003. The band self-released two albums and two EPs, then in 2004 agreed to release a hand-numbered, limited pressing of Cicada with Skybucket Records. Cicada will be re-released on Skybucket in a standard format this fall. The band is currently at work on their next album.

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