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October 30, 2008...

Flaco Jimenez

Since he has been old enough to hold an accordion, Flaco Jimenez has been on stage playing one, first with his father and then with the rest of the known musical world. Here's just a partial list of everyone he's recorded with: Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Freddy Fender, George Jones, Tanya Tucker, Ry Cooder and the Rolling Stones. Jimenez grew up listening to the radio and over time has managed to incorporate most American musical idioms into his style of playing. The result is a musical melting pot that while distinctly South Texas is also thoroughly American right down to his Elvis.

Flaco Jiminez interview...

Grammy award winner Flaco Jimenez performs at the Bare Hands Gallery's Day of the Dead Celebration this Sunday in downtown Birmingham.

Astralactica Space Holders

Sam Cornman fell in love with glass as a child, while visiting the Corning Glass museum in New York. His passion continued through college and beyond, and today the Birmingham artist is internationally recognized for his glass sculptures, goblets and other items. He's called a glass artist, but some people add "poet" and "creative mind explorer" to that tag. WBHM's Tanya Ott went to his studio in Avondale to find out why...

A profile of Sam Cornman...

Sam Cornman and Zachary Wickham both have work on display at the Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Fine Arts Classic at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this weekend.

Dale Hicks

When you think of the blues you don't typically think of ambient music...but, Springville blues musician Dale Hicks doesn't mind departing from the expected. His latest project -- an atmospheric soundtrack titled Nature's Way - draws on many influences, including classical music. (AUDIO MONTAGE) That's the song Astral Fusion by Dale Hicks.

Fitting with the season, we thought we'd close Tapestry with a radio adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's classic...The Raven

The Raven, adapted for radio by William Spear, narrated by Thos Shipley and produced by Emon Hassan. Original score for this adaptation comes from composer Kevin Mahonchak.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall, with help this week from Coleman Lipsey. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.