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From October 26, 2006...

On the corner of 19th Street and 11th Avenue North, you'll find Oak Hill Cemetery, the last resting place for many of the people who were present for the founding Birmingham. Since 2000, Stuart Oates has been the guy who is responsible for making sure that the graves are looked-after, the grounds kept up and, every now and then, that a plot is prepared for a funeral. As Executive Director of the Oak Hill Cemetery Association, he's the man in charge of this kingdom of quiet. I asked him how Oak Hill came to be Birmingham's first city cemetery.

Interview with Stuart Oates

Stuart Oates is the Executive Director of the Oak Hill Cemetery Association. By the way, Stuart Oates is also a pretty fair banjo player. This is his version of a traditional song, The Hobo's Last Ride.

Joan Baez

Joan Baez is the first lady of folk song, an American musical icon and a performer who's been on the job for almost 50 years now. She's influenced generations of musicians - people like EmmyLou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Gillian Welsh. Baez comes to the Alys Stephens Center Sunday night ... but we caught up with her earlier this week - on her bus and on a cell phone - as she reflected on a half-century in music.

Interview with Joan Baez

Joan Baez appears Sunday at 8:00 in the Jemison Concert Hall.

Child of Polygamy

Polygamy has a long history, practiced all over the globe -- in China, ancient Greece, the Middle East and even the U-S -- although it's been illegal here since 1862. In the country of Ghana -- where African and Western traditions mix and meld -- polygamy continues to be a part of life for many people, including a doctor who now lives in Gadsden, Alabama. Kosi Avotri and his wife Nella both grew up in polygamist households in Ghana. They've co-authored a book, Child of Polygamy. It tells the story of a young girl whose father has two wives. Kosi Avotri spoke with WBHM's Rosemary Pennington.

Interview with Kosi Avotri

Gadsden physician and author Kosi Avotri talking about his book Child of Polygamy, which he wrote with his wife Nella.

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The Payoff

Hard rock music is often trashed for allowing screaming guitar riffs to overwhelm the rhythm section or vocals. BVut critics say that's not the case with The Payoff , a trio from Mount Olive, Alabama. Tim Frazier, Dave Howse and Matt Weber play loud and fast - but their tight, pared-down hybrid of hard rock and punk doesn't let one element overshadow another. This is "We are Feral Children" from the CD "Send More Paramedics..." Guitarist and lead singer Tim Frazier, joined bass player Matt Weber in our studios... (AUDIO MONTAGE)

The song is "We are Feral Children" from the CD "Send More Paramedics..." The Payoff play The Plaza November 11th.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott, Michael Krall and Hunter Bell. Francesca Rosko tracks community events and Charles Saab helps with production. Additional reporting this week from Rosemary Pennington. I'm Greg Bass and we'll see you next week.