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From October 12, 2006...

Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson is one of the premier performance artists in the world. Since her solo debut with the recording "O Superman" in 1981, Anderson has intrigued and entertained audiences with her challenging multi-media presentations. She's played all the parts - visual artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, ventriloquist, vocalist, violinist. But she says - she's starting to wonder if it's not too much - if something more intimate, simple even, isn't more effective.

Interview with Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson will present an "enhanced" lecture and screening of her new film "Hidden Inside Mountains" at the McWane Center next weekend. The film debuted in Japan at World Expo 2005 and was featured at the Locarno, Edinborough, Telluride, Toronto and Montreal film festivals. She is the UAB Department of Art and Art History's 2006-2007 Pauline Ireland Visiting Artist.

Menahem Pressler of the Beaux Arts Trio

The Beaux Arts Trio is not your typical piano trio. Currently in their 52nd season, the group has played throughout the world -- setting the standard for piano trio performance. If that weren't enough, the Beaux Arts Trio has over 50 recordings, encompassing the entire piano trio literature. While some members of the group have come and gone, the one constant has been pianist and founding member Menahem Pressler. He tells WBHM's Michael Krall, the group began by accident...

Interview with pianist Menahem Pressler

Pianist Menahem Pressler of the Beaux Arts Trio. The group plays Saturday night at eight o'clock at the Alys Stephens Center as part of the Birmingham Chamber Music Society Series. Hear why students not only audition to study with Menahem Pressler, but why they're interviewed by his wife as well -- there's an extended version of this interview at WBHM.org

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Matthew Mayfield

Critics say if you want to watch a local band that has the goods to make it big, keep your eyes, or ears, on Moses Mayfield. They just wrapped up performing at Lollapolooza and head out on national tour next week. Their music, which draws comparisons to superstars like Pearl Jam and ColdPlay, is laced with challenging stories about personal demons. Guitarist and lead singer Matthew Mayfield and keyboard player Matt Taylor stopped by WHBM.

Moses Mayfield joins San Diego alt-rock band Switchfoot on a national tour next week.

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