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October 2, 2008...

Thom Gossom Jr. Thom Gossom's acting credits include some of the most successful shows on television; shows like CSI, Boston Legal, Cold Case, The West Wing and ER among others. But long before he hit Hollywood, Gossom was playing to packed stadiums as a wide receiver for the Auburn Tigers football team. He joined the team in 1970 as a walk-on. As such, he didn't command much respect from the other players. Add to that he was one of only two African Americans on the team and you can imagine the challenges he faced. He chronicles that time in his new book, Walk On. I asked Gossom why he chose to pursue college football.

Thom Gossom interview...

Thom Gossom is the author of Walk On. The memoir chronicles his experience playing football and being the first African American athlete to graduate from Auburn University.

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In Hollywood, African-American characters have been marginalized for years and horror films are no exception. Black actors rarely get the lead roles and they're often the first to die. An observation that comedian Eddie Murphy mocked in his stand-up routine. (LISTEN) Birmingham actor/director Billy Ray Brewton tackles these stereotypes and more in his latest production - a cheesy parody of the genre. He explains to WBHM's Tanya Ott.

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The 13th Friday: Ready, Set, Die opens next Thursday at Playhouse... and Brewton warns it's for mature audiences only, so leave the kiddos at home.

Music interludes for this week's show:
Birmingham band Feijoada has a new self-titled CD coming out. Here's a preview...

Chris Confessore

This weekend concertgoers will take a symphonic voyage through Arabian legend. The Alabama Symphony Orchestra's Masterworks series resumes with Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade. Also on the program, soloist Terrence Wilson plays the Piano Concerto by Aram Khatchaturian. WBHM's Michael Krall spoke with Christopher Confessore about the concert.

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What to know what's going on around town? Activeculture.info is a one-stop source for finding out what's going on in the Birmingham metro area.

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Matthew Mayfield

2007 was a banner year for Moses Mayfield, a 5-piece rock band from Birmingham. They signed with a major label, toured nationally, and their debut album "The Inside" was critically acclaimed. But, by the first of this year the guitarist had quit and now the band is on indefinite hiatus. But singer Matthew Mayfield continues playing solo and has recorded a new collection of songs titled "The Fire EP". The songs are rougher -- not as dressed up as his earlier work. Yet the emotional intensity and passion he's known for is intact and gains clarity. (AUDIO MONTAGE) That's the song 'First In Line' by Matthew Mayfield.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall with help this week from Coleman Lipsey and Islara Vazquez. Next week on the program we sit down with Buddy Palmer, the new executive director of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Birmingham. We'll talk about the economy, the arts and funding priorities. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.