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From November 3, 2005...

Arts news

Artists are right brainers and engineers are left brainers. So what do you get when an engineer picks up a paint brush? Creating a successful magazine is both an art and a science. The folks over at Portico hope they have they've struck the right balance with the new "Portico Student", but they face some challenges. And, music from Birmingham attorney John P. Strohm. After this roundup of arts news.

Arts news

Portico Student cover

It's an ambitious goal. Publish a lifestyle magazine aimed at high school students, distribute the magazine free to every high school in the country, and have students submit the majority of the content. From the people who brought you the magazine Portico comes Portico Student. WBHM's Michael Krall reports...

Portico Student

'It Was A Very Good Year: 1968, Mardi Gras in Mobile' By Liz Reed, retired marketing researcher.

Scientists are scientists, artists are artists and n'er the two shall meet. Right? Not so! An exhibit opening this weekend in Birmingham called Left Brain Right Brain challenges what we think we know about those left brain types. Tanya Ott spoke with artists Liz Reed and Renee Davis. Reed is a marketing researcher and Davis has worked as an engineer with Alagasco.

Liz Reed and Renee Davis interview

The Left Brain/Right Brain art exhibit of works by Liz Reed, Renee Davis and Olen Pruitt opens tomorrow and runs through the end of November at the Birmingham Art Association Gallery

Confederate Flag

In 1995, two young black men in Kentucky were convicted of murdering a young white man. The case inspired playwright Allison Moore to develop a story loosely based on the incident, and highlighting the complexities of racial tension in the South. This month, Birmingham Festival Theatre stages the play "Hazard County" in hopes of opening a dialogue about race, racism and the Confederate Flag. Lissa LeGrand reports...

Hazard County

"Hazard County" continues tonight through next weekend at Birmingham Festival Theater. There's more information on the Tapestry section of our website, WBHM.org.

NaNoWriMo logo

A lot of people say they plan on writing a novel one day and most never get around to actually doing it. A group of writers in San Francisco got together in 19-99 and decided they would actually set time aside, a month to be exact, to write their version of the great, or maybe not-so-great, American novel. So was born National Novel Writing Month...affectionately known as NaNoWriMo. Because she's a masochist, WBHM's Rosemary Pennington is taking part in this year's National Novel Writing Month, which kicked off Tuesday. Throughout November we'll be getting updates on her progress. The first few days, she says, have been interesting...

An update on Rosemary's novel

WBHM's Rosemary Pennington. To follow the NaNoWriMo progress, go to our website, WBHM.org.

What's going on in and around the Birmingham area. For additional details, go to our online version of the Community Calendar.

Community Calendar

John P. Strohm

By day, John P. Strohm is an attorney with Bradley Arant Rose & White, representing many musicians in contract negotiations. By night, though, he's on the other side of the guitar. A contract dispute with a North Carolina label quashed Strohm's musical career for several years and led to his going back to law school. But now, he's out from under that contract and making music. This is "Slip Away" from the soon-to-be-released CD WorkPlay Live. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

The song is "Slip Away" from the upcoming CD WorkPlay Live. The CD is a project conceived by the Young Lawyers Section of the Birmingham Bar Association - to raise money for the Alabama Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Coalition. We've got more of John P. Strohm's music available for download on our website, wbhm.org.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Hunter Bell produces our musician profiles and Francesca Rosko tracks community events. Reporting this week from , Lissa Legrand, Steve Chiotakis and Rosemary Pennington and production assistance from Tommy James and Jonathan Glass. I'm Greg Bass. Join us next week as we talk to Chris Thile of Nickel Creek and get another update on Rosemary's novel writing adventure.

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