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November 15, 2007:

Alabama veteran Marion Tom Wilkenson

More than a thousand World War II veterans die every day, and historians are scrambling to record their recollections for future generations. Witness Ken Burns enormously popular documentary and a new film from Alabama Public Television. The producers of the Alabama documentary realized for every veteran's story included, a hundred more would be left out. So APT created a website where those other stories could be heard. Producer Amanda Newsome explains.

Alabama WW II veterans tell their story

Jennifer and Arthur Stephens, Pompeii

Looking even farther back in history: Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii in the year 79 AD. The ancient Roman city sat under many feet of ash and pumice until it was accidentally rediscovered in 1748. Hundreds of reclaimed artifacts are on display at the Birmingham Museum of Art, thanks to the work of countless archeologists and a husband-and-wife team. Jennifer Stephens is a photographer and graphic artist. Her husband Arthur is an engineer. Together, they helped a team of archeologists excavate the ancient ruins. They tell reporter Haden Holmes Brown that work to frantically preserve the ancient city - continues today.

Excavating Pompeii

Pompeii: Tales from an Eruption is on display at the Birmingham Museum of Art through the end of January.

Justin Brown

They're widely considered the greatest Baroque music ever written. Tomorrow night, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra performs the six Brandenburg Concertos of J.S. Bach. WBHM's Michael Krall talks with ASO music director Justin Brown about the concert...

Justin Brown interview

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Greg Summerlin

He's gone from guitarist in a band to frontman in his own band. Described as pop, with influences from The Who, New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen, Greg Summerlin's new CD's got some of the catchiest hooks you'll hear. The poignant CD is titled All Done in Good Time: The Life and Times of Polly Shields. The story is about a frustrated disillusioned girl who rebels against her father...(AUDIO MONTAGE) The song is Just Listen Tonight from Greg Summerlin's CD All Done in Good Time.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Additional reporting this week from Haden Holmes Brown and production help from Islara Vazquez. Next time on Tapestry... the intersection between art and immigration. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.