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November 13, 2008...

Roy Blount, Jr. He's back. After 20 books covering topics from pro football to what dogs are thinking, Roy Blount Jr. latest, Alphabet Juice, gets down to what he really cares about, language. The guy who makes us giggle on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and A Prairie Home Companion has written a scholarly book disguised as entertainment. He guides us through a garden of words, punctuation and letters of the alphabet getting down to the nitty gritty of how the pieces work together to make language delight us. Or not. And did I mention that it's very funny? And what about the title, Alphabet Juice?

Roy Blount Jr. interview...

Roy Blount Jr. will be in town Tuesday, signing Alphabet Juice. Proceeds from the event benefit WBHM. (MORE)

By now you've probably packed away the Halloween decorations and eaten all the sweet tarts, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a good ghost story! And author Randy Russell has lots of stories to tell. He talks with WBHM's Tanya Ott about his latest book is Ghost Cats of the South.

Randy Russell interview...

Pet cemetery

As Randy Russell well knows, the love we have for our pets is enduring - even after death. It's a human reality that reporter Sarah Elzas explores as she visits the world's oldest pet cemetery, just north of Paris.

Visiting a pet cemetery...

Ron Dometrovich

Birmingham Singer/songwriter Ron Dometrovich reaches back to the stories of his past for his new CD Railroad Avenue. He joined WBHM's Tanya Ott in the studio to talk about the CD and play a little. Dometrovich performs at the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival next week on the Gulf Coast. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall, with help this week from Sarah Elzas. Next week on the program, Justin Brown talks about his turn as soloist for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra's Masterworks series. I'm Greg Bass and we'll see you next week.