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November 1, 2007:

One the world's premiere collections of American art is tucked away in the woods of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Collector and former CEO of Gulf States Paper Corporation, Jack Warner, has an unconventional approach to art and art museums. It's an approach that's raising a few eyebrows, as Haden Holmes Brown reports...

Jack Warner on collecting art

Carl Dean

The musical "Songs for the New World" made its off-Broadway debut 12 years ago and in the last decade has become a favorite of college and community theatre groups. It's a demanding show that bends musical genres from classical to gospel, pop to jazz...and this weekend, Magic City Actor's Theatre tackles the show with an all-star cast including Kristi Tingle Higginbotham, Michael King, Lucas Pepke and others. Carl Dean directs and choreographs. He talked with WBHM's Tanya Ott.

Songs from the New World

Director Carl Dean, talking with WBHM's Tanya Ott. Songs for the New World opens this weekend at the Virginia Samford Theatre. Earlier this year a Washington DC-based theatre company that uses disabled actors adapted Songs for the New World into a 24-person production about two soldiers serving in Iraq and their families, including one soldier's brother, who protests against the war.


Quills is a play loosely based on the latter part of the Marquis de Sade's life - including his time spent incarcerated in an insane asylum. This weekend, Birmingham Festival Theatre stages the show - which is a comedy of all things! Director Dane Peterson says it may remind audience members of Moliere's Tartuffe, mixed with the political statements of Arthur Miller and the timing of a well-crafted Sondheim musical. Director Peterson and actors Karla Stamps and Elmo Ranelli explain the appeal to WBHM's Davis Haines.

Quills the musical comedy!

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The Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys of Alabama have been making music for more than 60 years. Their new CD "Down in New Orleans" will be released in January.

A profile of The Blind Boys of Alabama

Next week on the program, singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau. The North Dakota native has a new CD that features acclaimed violinist Hilary Hahn. He'll be in Birmingham performing with Nickel Creek. Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Islara Vazquez tracks community events and we had additional reporting this week from Haden Holmes Brown and Davis Haines. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.