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From May 31, 2007...

She draws a crowd pretty much everywhere she goes. Maybe it's the paint and mud that speckles her hands, clothes and face...or perhaps it's the brightly painted van - there's hardly a square inch that's not touched by some kind of mural. This weekend, SHE-SHE Vaughn brings her distinct vision of American folk art to Hoover's Aldridge Gardens for the Art in the Gardens festival. Vaughn took some time out of prep for the show to talk with WBHM's Tanya Ott.

SHE-SHE Vaughn interview

Folk artist SHE-SHE Vaughn takes her art and her stories on the road to Shelby County schools, driving her big...bold...colorful van.

The Deep by Nada Boner

Clay artist Nada Boner also gets a lot of attention when she displays her art at festivals...partly because one of her favorite subjects is the naked body, but also because of the unusual technique she uses. It's called Raku firing. She makes the sculpture, applies a glaze, fires it in the kiln until it reacher 1,800 degrees, then immediately takes it out before it has a chance to cool down. Boner says what happens next is the magic! Boner came to Raku relatively late in life.

Nada Boner interview

Nada Boner joins folk artist SHE-SHE Vaughn and dozens of other Alabama painters, sculptors, jewelry creators and photographers tomorrow and Saturday Art in the Gardens at Aldridge Botanical Gardens in Hoover

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Sounds Around Town is our new series about the places that remind us of songs - and the songs that remind us of places. You can listen through our growing archive on the Tapestry web page. And, if you've got a place and a song that go hand-in-hand, drop us an e-mail to tell us about it.

Cantor Jessica Roskin

Jessica Roskin grew up in a home filled with music. She began taking piano lessons at six, when her kindergarten teacher noticed she was the only child who could hold a melody and had a natural sense of rhythm. As life progressed, she made her way through the wilderness of music education and recitals. In this edition of The Nature of Creativity, reporter Les Lovoy profiles a woman who has found a vocation that embraces two things that are very special to her.

Jessica Roskin: The Nature of Creativity

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Reginald Jones

A musical giant bursting forth - that's how Reginald Jones describes the force behind the new album, "Experiences". The CD is an attempt, Jones says, to communicate the joy and happiness he feels in simply being. It was recorded with the band he formed in late 2005. Their goal is to create some of the best contemporary instrumental jazz on this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Experiences is their first recording together...this song is Winter's Dream. Frontman Reginald Jones and Keyboardist Kenneth Powe stopped by our studios to talk about their groove... (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Frontman-Guitarist Reginald Jones and Keyboardist Kenneth Powe of The Reginald Jones Band, talking about their new CD, "Experiences". They play Alabaster's City Fest Saturday.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott, Michael Krall and Hunter Bell. Francesca Rosko tracks community events. Les Lovoy, Rosemary Pennington and Connor McCarty contributed to this week's program.I'm Greg Bass and we'll see you next week!