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May 29, 2008...

When a town loses one-third of its population over the course of a few months, that would seem to be nothing but bad news. But Anniston, Alabama, not only survived the blow. They're turning it into a multitude of unusual opportunities. Reporter Karyn Zweifel takes us there.

Anniston reborn

Nobody But the People cover

There's an old Chinese proverb that goes "may you live in interesting times". Former Alabama Governor John Patterson has certainly seen interesting times. In 1954, his father, Attorney General candidate Albert Patterson, was assassinated in Phoenix City. John Patterson stepped in to clean up the rampant corruption in that East Alabama town. Four years later, Patterson was elected governor in one of the most racist campaigns in state history, only to face the Freedom Riders and the struggle to gain civil rights for Black Alabamians. Fifty years on, a new biography of Patterson looks at his successes and his shortcomings. In Nobody But the People, author Warren Trest explores the event that shaped Patterson's life, the murder of his father.

Warren Trest interview

Governor John Patterson is still an imposing, articulate man in his mid-eighties. He admits that his greatest shortcoming as governor is his civil rights record. (AUDIO)

Former Governor John Patterson. Warren Trest's new biography of Patterson is Nobody But the People. Trest and Patterson discuss the book Tuesday night at the Birmingham Public Library.

I celebrate myself and sing myself. So begins Walt Whitman's poem Song of Myself. May 31st is Whitman's 189th birthday, and Greencup Books in downtown Birmingham marks the day with a Birthday Celebration. Tapestry marks it with a Whitman poem that is like the man himself - reflective...

Listen to Song of Myself

David Grimes produced that musical arrangement of Walt Whitman's I Sit and Look Out.

Belinda George Peoples

Every once in awhile there's that voice that makes everyone stop and listen. Belinda George Peoples is that voice. Birmingham's "Lady of Soul" takes to the Red Mountain Theatre Company's Cabaret stage this weekend, with everything from Broadway to pop to gospel. WBHM's Katie Turpen sat down with Peoples to talk about her music and what to expect at the concert.

Belinda Peoples interview

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Dan Farmer

Dan Farmer grew up in the South Carolina mountains and the Alabama foothills - where some of his earliest musical memories are of all-day church singings. Influenced by country, bluegrass and rock, Farmer is a songwriter in the tradition of James Taylor, John Prine and Guy Clark, with a voice - uniquely his own. His latest CD is titled "Lotto, Liquor & Souvenirs." The song is "Room For You" (AUDIO MONTAGE) April Cover plays The Foundry in Bessemer on June 21st. Dan Farmer plays with the band Crooked Road at Superior Grill on June 7th.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall, with reporting this week from Katie Turpen and production help from Marlon Glenn, Coleman Lipsey, Islara Vazquez and David Grimes. Next week on Tapestry - the nature of creativity and D-J Coco. I'm Greg Bass and we'll see you next week.