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From May 3, 2007...

Sisters of Swing

By the 1940's the Andrews Sisters were the most bankable of music stars - earning $20,000 a week for singing. More than a half-century later, they continue to resonate with American audiences. They recorded 700 songs and sold more than 90 million records - nine of them gold - making them one of the best-selling female musical groups of all time. But it's their very tumultuous private relationships that fuel a new production here in Birmingham. Sisters of Swing runs through Mother's Day at the Red Mountain Theatre Cabaret in downtown Birmingham. Lani Meek plays youngest sister Patty, the vocal powerhouse. Kim Hutchens is middle sister Maxene - who's known for her harmonies. And Tam DeBolt plays the strong-willed and witty red head, LaVerne. Actor Howard Green rounds out the cast, portraying dozens of smaller roles. Green, DeBolt and director Gary John LaRossa say it's a production that really strikes a chord.

Sisters of Swing

Red Mountain Theatre

Sisters of Swing runs through May 13th at the Red Mountain Theatre Company's Cabaret in downtown Birmingham. Never heard of that theatre? Bet you know it anyway. Red Mountain Theatre Company is the new name of Birmingham's Summerfest Musical Theatre, which has been staging shows for nearly 30 years here in Birmingham. The company announced the name change this week and you can bet they're doing it with a little hesitation. Tanya Ott got the scoop from Red Mountain Theatre's executive director Keith Cromwell.

Summerfest gets a new name

Tanya Ott talking with Keith Cromwell - executive director of the Red Mountain Theatre Company... formerly known as Summerfest Musical Theatre.


One critic writes - "there's a timeless feeling" to the music of Birmingham band Through the Sparks and perhaps that's because it took some time for the members of the band to realize they wanted to be a band - together. The guys were high school buddies, who went on to play with various local bands and occasionally with each other - until four years ago, when they realized that, yes, they did want to commit to a musical life together - as a band. They've just released their first full-length recording, "Lazarus Beach" on Skybucket Records. Band mates Jody Nelson and James Brangle stopped by our studio to talk with Hunter Bell.

Meet Through the Sparks

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Crows in the Hickory

When John Churchill's mother signed him up for piano and, later, French horn lessons she probably envisioned him playing something classical and not zydeco. But that's exactly what Churchill plays, a mix of zydeco-folk-blues. He's also given up the piano and French horn in favor of a mandolin. Churchill has a new CD called "Crows in the Hickory". It includes this song "Alabama Spring". Churchill stopped by our studios to talk about his musical journey. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott, Michael Krall and Hunter Bell, with help this week from Francesca Rosko and Rosemary Pennington. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott, Michael Krall and Hunter Bell - with help this week from Rosemary Pennington, and Francesca Rosko. I'm Greg Bass and we'll see you next week!