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From March 26, 2006...

They're bright, they're good looking and they sing like angels. The Harvard Glee Club comes to town -- we've got a preview. Also, how a classically trained trumpet player morfed into digital music. Talk about electronica, three-man electronic act Bagoteeth puts on quite a show. Unholy racket one minute, contrasted with ethereal ambivalence the next. We'll talk to Bagoteeth and sample their latest CD. I'm Tanya Ott and this is Tapestry.

Harvard Glee Club logo

It began almost 150 years ago as an ad hoc group of student who enjoyed vocalizing. Today, though, the Harvard Glee Club is considered one of the premier collegiate men's choruses in the country. The Club has has performed with the Boston Symphony, the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonics and their ranks have produced such music luminaries as Virgil Thomson, Elliot Carter and Leonard Bernstein. The Harvard Glee Club kicks off it southeastern tour this weekend and will perform at Birmingham's Indian Springs School Tuesday night. Greg Bass spoke with assistant conductor Kevin Leong.

Kevin Leong interview

Dr. Kevin Leong, assistant conductor of the Harvard Glee Club, which performs Tuesday night at Indian Springs School under the direction of conductor Jim Marvin. You get find out more about this performance at the Tapestry page of wbhm.org.

Dr. Michael Angell

Michael Angell started his musical career - okay, maybe you can't call it a career yet when you're just a pre-teen - but he started playing the trumpet. Angell worked his way through various school bands and orchestras and eventually landed in chamber music. His focus was clearly traditional. But when Michael Angell got to college, he discovered MIDI and it changed everything. Today, Angell is director of the UAB Computer Music Ensemble. He talked with WBHM's Hunter Bell.

Michael Angell interview

Dr. Michael Angell is director of the UAB Computer Music Ensemble. The ensemble's next concert is April 6 at UAB's Hulsey Center.

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Bagoteeth -- that's gotta rank up there with the oddest band names in Birmingham. And the members of Bagoteeth like it that way. Afterall, their CD's and live shows push the envelope -- mixing ambient electronica with video projection. This is an example of that "convergence" that Michael Angell spoke of earlier in Tapestry. Band members Adam Baker, Kris Daw and Michael Jowell met up as students at the University of Montevallo and they've been making music ever since. This is "Sea of Information" from their self-titled CD. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Video is a very important part of Bagoteeth. But, since video doesn't translate too well on the radio, we've got links on the Tapestry page of wbhm.org. You can also download music from bagoteeth and find out about future gigs around town.

A whole bunch of people make Tapestry possible each week, including Michael Krall, Hunter Bell, and Francesca Rosko. This week we had additional production help from UAB digital music major and WBHM intern Anthony Plenty. Greg Bass will be back from his spring break vacation next week. I'm Tanya Ott. Thanks for joining us!