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June 5, 2008...

Andy Thorpe aka DJ Coco

His family, friends and coworkers know him as Andy Thorpe. But on weekend, he turns into...DJ Coco. In our continuing series, The Nature of Creativity, Les Lovoy examines how Thorpe spreads the gospel that DJs do a lot more than playing other people's records.

The Nature of Crativity: DJ Coco

The Music Man logo

From club music - to "music clubs"! The infamous Harold Hill wanted to start one and the people of River City, well, they were totally game, at least for a while. Centerstage Productions opens its 10-day run of the classic -- The Music Man -- this weekend. For all intents and purposes it's the same play audiences have loved for decades, with its timeless story of small-town Iowa stubbornness and unlikely romance. But actors and theatergoers alike remain as enthusiastic as ever about this new set of "seventy-six trombones", as WBHM's Connor McCarty reports...

The Music Man

The Music Man runs this weekend and next at the Virginia Samford Theatre.

Nature or nurture - it's hard to say! Nathan Payne's love of art could be either, given that he grew up in his mother's pottery studio.

Nathan Payne interview

Payne's monster-faced pottery will be on display this weekend at Aldridge Botanical Gardens' annual Art in the Gardens juried art show. Artist Don Estes will also have his work on display - but it's been an interesting journey getting it to show. Estes spent many decades in the music business, working with some A-list groups. When he retired in 1982, he took up his other love - art. Estes describes himself as a realist with a great love for impressionism. He explains, to reporter Marlon Glenn.

Don Estes interview

What to know what's going on around town? Activeculture.info is a one-stop source for finding out what's going on in the Birmingham metro area.

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Nathan Peek Band

The original members of the Nathan Peek Band met in church and started playing together for fun. Ten years later and with the release of their third CD, Sore Thumbs, the fun continues. With elements of rock, Americana, and alt-country, songwriter Nathan Peek says the audience should take a crack at categorizing their style - because the band can't pigeon hole it. Humor in tow and led by their mascot, a stuffed animal named Lacey Shae, the storytelling and music continues. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Nathan Peek, with his song You Don't Belong to Anyone from the CD Sore Thumbs. The Nathan Peek Band performs at Speakeasy on July 11th.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall, with reporting this week from Les Lovoy, Connor McCarty and Marlon Glenn. Production assistance from Coleman Lipsey and Islara Vazquez. Next week on Tapestry, we have an hour-long sample of the music of City Stages. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.