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July 31, 2008...

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Food experts across the country are sounding a warning knell that US food systems are dangerously out of whack. They say the current system - which is rooted in the global "breadbasket" model of the 1970's -- has undermined local food economies, making it harder for many Americans to get fresh foods. But some local residents are bucking that trend - in ways that are both economical, environmentally-friendly and artistic. Haden Holmes Brown reports.

Eating Alabama

You can find articles like "Make Your Own Tofu and Prepare to be Ridiculed Mercilessly" on the Eating Alabama project website.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Komeh Ottison has always mixed her professional interests with her personal passion for art. Her childhood aspirations of owning a restaurant emerged as canvas rendering of fine dining experiences. After earning a degree in commercial and advertising art from Alabama A&M, she went to law school...but eventually returned art - finding particular joy in oil painting. Some of her paintings - of people expressing their own passions -- are in display this month at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. It's one of three special exhibits. The institute's Ahmad Ward takes WBHM's Tanya Ott on a tour.

BCRI exhibits...

All three exhibits - "Passions" by Komeh Ottison, "5 Days in July: the Newark Riots", and "The Distinguished Omegas of Civil Rights" - are on display at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute through August 24th.

What to know what's going on around town? Activeculture.info is a one-stop source for finding out what's going on in the Birmingham metro area.

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The Dirty Lungs

If a new spin on 60's psychedelic rock sounds interesting, The Dirty Lungs first CD release, Somebody Here's Going Crazy, may be just your thing. Edgy guitar tones, syncopated rhythms, weird noises and wild vocal abound. Carson Mitchell contributes the guitar. Ra-Jan Parmely plays drums. Bryan Doyle handles bass, and Chris Scott plays keyboards, percussion - and what he calls "homemade noisetraments." This is their song 1000 Suns. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

And finally today, if you walk into Virginia Samford Theatre this weekend you'll find yourself transported to a visual wonderland. It's the final weekend of Red Mountain Theatre Company's production of Beauty and the Beast. Large cast, over-the-top costumes and a massive set. We caught up with director Abe Reybold - who's in Portland, Oregon, directing another show this week - and scenic designer Murdock Lucas - who's in North Carolina for graduate school.

The set of Beauty and the Beast...

Red Mountain Theatre Company's Beauty and the Beast runs through Sunday at the Virginia Samford Theatre.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall with reporting this week by Haden Holmes Brown and production help from Coleman Lipsey, Colin Quarello and Marlon Glenn. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.