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From July 28, 2005...

Arts news

Looking for a late-summer day trip? Try the Trace! I'm Greg Bass and tonight on Tapestry we take you to the Natchez Trace for a mystery of historic proportions. If art is more your thing, we've got that covered too...and the rockabilly tunes of the Martini Shakers! All ahead on Tapestry, after this arts news.

Arts news

Gravesite of Meriwether Lewis

The bicentennial commemoration of the "Corp of Discovery" is wrapping up. If you haven't had a chance to make it out west for a live re-enactment of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's legendary trip -- no worries! You can find a piece of that history just a short drive from Birmingham. Tanya Ott takes us on a road trip to the Natchez Trace, winding through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

Meriwether Lewis and the Nactchez Trace

See the Meriwether Lewis gravesite monument - and learn more about the Corp of Discovery - on the Tapestry section of our website, wbhm.org.

Power figure (nkishi), Southeastern Congo (Zaire). Wood, sheet copper, tacks, beads, animal horn, and fiber

Time is running out to see one of the most heralded collections of African art to be exhibited in the U-S and Europe. The Bareiss (buh-rice) Collection at the Birmingham Museum of Art includes works dating back to the 18th century. The exhibit closes this Sunday, so WBHM's Michael Krall asked curator of African Art, Emily Hanna, for a tour.

Walking tour of the Bareiss Collection

The Birmingham Museum of Art's African art curator Emily Hanna, talking with Michael Krall. You can see the Bareiss Collection on display through Sunday.

What's going on in and around the Birmingham area. For additional details, go to our online version of the Community Calendar.

Community Calendar

The Martini Shakers

In a few weeks, thousands of Elvis impersonators will be flocking to Memphis for their annual Pilgrimage. Elvis Week 2005 celebrates the music and magic of the rockabilly legend... but here in Birmingham there's a band that "walks the walk" and "talks the talk" 365 days a year. The Martini Shakers live the lifestyle - 1950's Cadillac, ducktail hairstyles and all. Jory Lee Heindel is the lead singer. This is the Martini Shakers take on the Hank Williams tune "Mind Your Own Business" - from the CD Get Rhythm. (AUDIO MONTAGE) The Martini Shakers play Otey's Tavern Friday night - expect a whole lot of swingin' and shakin' fun! The Shakers have a new CD coming out soon... you can get a sneak peak on our website, where we've got downloads of some of the new music. Go to wbhm.org and click on the Tapestry tab.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Hunter Bell handles musician relations and Francesca Rosko crafts the community calendar. Production assistance this week from Rosalynn Fairless. I'm Greg Bass. Thanks for joining us!

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