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July 12, 2007:

Daniel Wallace

Birmingham native Daniel Wallace hit the big time with his magical novel, Big Fish. It was a study of the relationship between a father and son, but also an examination of the stories we tell and how we choose to believe them. That idea is at the core of Wallace's latest novel. Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician tells how Henry Walker became a negro magician. The story doesn't unfold neatly. The narrator changes with every chapter - sometimes we hear from Henry, sometimes from people who've loved him - each putting his own stamp of truth on the tale. Wallace stopped by our studios to talk with WBHM's Rosemary Pennington.

Interview with Daniel Wallace

Author Daniel Wallace talking about his collection of glass eyes and his new book, Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician.

Blackpool and Parrish

Canadian playwright David Belke is in Birmingham this week for the Alabama premiere of his comedy Blackpool and Parrish. It tells the story of Harry Blackpool - who's an agent for all things Evil on Earth -- and Rachel Parrish -- his irrepressibly "good" foe. The two meet in a private club every 25 years. The play is set the day before the scheduled "end of the world" ... and the two must pass their duties onto two unlikely heirs: a mild mannered Phys Ed teacher and an aggressively Bohemian artist. It's a fast-paced comedy of "apocalyptic proportions", as Belke tells WBHM's Tanya Ott.

Interview with David Belke

Park Players production of Blackpool and Parrish runs through next weekend at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Also, Tanya asked director Clay Boyce if there was added pressure - knowing the playwright would be in the audience.

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Chris Goodson

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor became famous for his digital take on a one-man-band. Reznor records the "group's" entire album himself, playing all the parts ... only trotting out a full band when on tour. Now a Birmingham musician is headed down that road.

Chris Goodson used to drum for the bands "Six" and "Flair". When the groups disbanded Goodson decided to take a stab at lead vocals and guitar - so he headed into the studio and produced the relatively solo project "Atom Moon". It's an album that reflects his eclectic musical interests.

This is Harvey Wallbanger from Goodson's CD Atomoon

This week's Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott, Rosemary Pennington, Hunter Bell and Steve Chiotakis, with additional help from Islara Vazquez and Robert Brooks. I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.