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January 10, 2008...

Kim Sunee

In his baseball routine, comedian George Carlin says the object of the game is to be safe, at home. Kim Sunee has wanted to be safe, at home all her life. Sunee, food editor of Cottage Living Magazine, was abandoned as a child of three at a marketplace in her native Korea, adopted by an American couple from New Orleans and raised in her grandfather's kitchen where she first tasted gumbo and other spicy delicacies. As a college student, she studied in France and wound up staying. There, she fell in love with Olivier Baussan, founder of the L'Occitane line of upscale soaps and lotions. She also fell in love with French food and the countryside of Provence. After the relationship ended, Sunee began writing Trail of Crumbs, a coming-of-age memoir which is replete with great recipes because throughout her life, food has played a central part in her search for self and home. Here she describes her grandfather preparing Sunday dinner.

Kim Sunee interview

Kim Sunee is food editor of Cottage Living Magazine and the author of Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love and the Search for Home.

David Barber-Callaghan grew up in Birmingham listening to his parents and their friends play old-time music on sticky summer nights. These days David is a reporter with the Blunt Youth Radio Project in Portland, Maine. And while there's plenty of live music in Portland, he still misses those cozy Southern bluegrass jams.

Missing your Southern roots...

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Janet Hall O'Neal

Janet Hall is a well-known Birmingham presence. We're used to seeing her anchor Fox 6 news every night, but now Birmingham audiences are getting acquainted with another Janet Hall. Actually, Janet Hall O'Neil - she uses her full name when she's entertaining audiences with her blend of folk, pop and blues. Hall O'Neil released a self-titled CD a few years ago and next week she brings some of those songs out for a performance at the Red Mountain Theatre Cabaret. She joins Birmingham songwriter Dan Farmer and Nashville's Molly Slone for a night of song and stories. WBHM's Tanya Ott brought Janet Hall O'Neil into the studio for a preview. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall, with help this week from Islara Vazquez, Q Owens, and Andrew Yeager. I'm Greg Bass. Next week on the program we talk about Martin Luther King Junior, Condoleeza Rice and the intersection of hip-hop and politics! Hope you'll join us.