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From February 24, 2005...

Arts Highlights

Tonight on Tapestry -- a Birmingham man who might have been one of the best known architects of his time, were it not for his skin color. I'm Greg Bass. Also on the show, the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio… you know the music... it's now the end of an era. Plus, the music of Birmingham band Gainer... tonight on Tapestry. First, a wrap up of art news with Tanya Ott.

Arts news

Wallace Rayfield

Wallace Rayfield. You may not recognize the name, but you most surely know his work. Rayfield was an early 20th century black architect credited with designing many notable buildings around town and across the country. Rayfield's work was largely forgotten until Bessemer resident Allen Durough made a chance discovery several years ago. Durough shares that story and Rayfield's legacy with WBHM's Tanya Ott.

Allen Durough interview

Want to learn more about Wallace Rayfield and see some of the 200 printing plates that Allen Durough discovered in his barn? Durough is giving public lectures on the topic tomorrow and Saturday at UAB's Bell Theatre. Details and an extended version of this interview are at the Tapestry section of our website, wbhm.org.

The original Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

For about 40 years, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio churned out records. And these weren't just ordinary LP's and 45's -- they were albums that changed the course of American music. The studio recorded its last session in December and this week, a film company, Cypress Moon Productions, announced it will make its home in the studio. While she's happy the historic building will still be housing artists ... WBHM’s Rosemary Pennington can't help but feel a little blue over the loss of a certain musical sensibility.

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Community Calendar

What's going on in and around the Birmingham area. For additional details, go to our online version of the Community Calendar.

Community Calendar


Somewhere between not-quite-punk rock and not-quite-pop there's a Birmingham foursome called Gainer. The group is making a name for itself with a bitter brew of personal and political lyrics. This song is "fairlee" from the album "You say it like it's a bad thing." Jason Barker and Darryl Jacks are with the band.

Music and interview with Gainer

Gainer plays the Nick, with "Plate Six" and "Model Citizen", tomorrow night. We've got more of Gainer’s music available for download at the Tapestry section of our website, wbhm.org.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Hunter Bell is our own personal "music man". We got production assistance this week from Steve Chiotakis, Brian Kreel, Brad Robinson and Ali Boudhani… Reporting by Rosemary Pennington. I'm Greg Bass. Thanks for joining us!