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From February 2, 2006...

Music shaped the civil rights movement...but do the songs still resonate today? The legacy of African-American women and their church hats takes center stage at Terrific New Theatre. And, R&B, Urban soul - from Just A Few Cats. I'm Greg Bass, and this is Tapestry..


From young women to grandmothers, women and their wardrobes reflect the history that is passed from generation to generation. Terrific New Theatre's latest production - a gospel-infused musical called Crowns celebrates the legacy of African-American women and their church hats. It explores what happens to a rebellious young Brooklyn girl when she's sent to stay with her Southern grandma. Slowly, she she begins to discover connections to older traditions and a deeper spirituality. WBHM's Tanya Ott spoke with castmember Chalethia Williams.

Chalethia Williams on "Crowns"

The gospel musical Crowns runs through February 11th at Birmingham's Terrific New Theatre.

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Just as central as HATS to the African American experience - is music. Slaves sang songs to preserve the culture they brought with them from Africa -- it was the rhythmic accompaniment to labor. Later on, music helped shape the civil rights movement. The songs fostered courage, unity and hope and stirred hearts towards change, as Donna Francavilla reports. (Music courtesy of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute)

Music of the Civil Rights Movement

Greg Bass speaks with Ruby Sales, Carolyn McKinstry and Cleo Thomas about passiing down the stories of the Civil Rights Movement to future generations.

Passing on the stories of the Civil Rights Movemnt

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Alvin Garrett of Just A Few Cats

Just A Few Cats has been playing for years, but it wasn't until member Ruben Studdard shot his way to American Idol-dom that many Alabamians first heard about the group. The Cats may have lost their vivacious front-man, but they continue making some pretty compelling music. This is "Pump the Brakes" from the CD "CATastrophunk". Alvin "Cornbread" Garrett stopped by our studios to chat. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

"Pump the Brakes" from the CD "CATastrophunk". Want to hear more? We've got downloads of more Cat music on the Tapestry page of our website, wbhm.org.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Hunter Bell is music producer and Francesca Rosko tracks community events. Additional reporting this week from Donna Francavilla and production assistance from Anthony Plenty and J-T Schill. I'm Greg Bass, and I hope you'll join us next week.