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Arts Highlights

So -- you've always dreamed of being in pictures, huh? Well -- you could get your shot right here in Birmingham. The Sidewalk Scramble film competition is this weekend and the crews are gearing up for action. I'm Greg Bass and on tonight's Tapestry we get a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to make a film in just two days. Also -- guest conductor Alastair Willis leads the Alabama Symphony Orchestra... and the smooth jazz of Keith Williams. All that -- and whirling dervishes too, after this wrap-up of arts news from Tanya Ott.

Arts news

Sidewlak Scramble

If you see panicked people with camcorders wandering Birmingham this weekend -- don’t be alarmed. They're just participating in the Sidewalk Scramble… a film competition that gives aspiring filmmakers, actors, musicians and others a chance to stretch their creative muscle. Hopped up on caffeine and adrenaline – the crews have just 48 hours to create a short film -- from concept to completion. In the calm before the storm -- Sidewalk's Catherine Pfitzer took a few minutes to talk with Tanya Ott about the competition.

Catherine Pfitzer interview

Catherine Pfitzer of the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. As Catherine mentioned, there are new rules this Scramble that open up the competition to a lot more film teams. Newbies can learn a lesson or two from one established team that's done quite well in previous Sidewalk Scrambles. WBHM's Francesca Rosko shadowed them during the last competition.

Sidewalk Scramble

The Sidewalk Scramble is this weekend in Birmingham... with screenings of the finished films on Saturday, February 26th.

Whirling Dervishes

Centuries ago, travelers to the Near East brought back stories of mysterious religious ceremonies... of dancers who performed superhuman feats of twirling and spinning until they reached a state of spiritual ecstasy. Turns out, the stories were true. The "Whirling Dervishes" are still a thriving community, some eight hundred years later. In fact, they’re coming to Birmingham next week. Producer Dale Short has this preview.

Whirling Dervishes

The Whirling Dervishes of Rumi perform at the Alys Stephens Center next Thursday at 8 p.m..

Alastair Willis

The Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Masterworks series resumes this weekend – with guest conductor Alastair Willis taking the baton for a performance of Beethoven's Piano Concerto Number 1. Willis is the eighth guest conductor in the series. He recently talked with WBHM's Michael Krall.

Alastair Willis interview

The ASO's Masterworks series resumes this weekend with concerts Friday and Saturday night at the Alys Stephens Center. There's an extended version of Michael's interview with Alastair Willis on our website – wbhm.org

Community Calendar

What's going on in and around the Birmingham area. For additional details, go to our online version of the Community Calendar.

Community Calendar

Keith Williams

That music you're hearing right now – that's Tuscaloosa's Keith Williams. He's opened for the likes of Bela Fleck, George Benson and Ramsey Lewis and tours extensively with Ruben Studdard. This tune is Straight Groove, from the CD "Set The Mood". Williams stopped by our studio to talk about his music. He says it's the product of a rich tradition of southern music, including gospel, blues, jazz and a whole lot more. (MUSIC)

Straight Groove off the CD "Set the Mood." We've got more of Keith William's music available for download at the Tapestry section of wbhm.org

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Hunter Bell handles our music. We get production assistance from Brian Creel, Brad Robinson, and Ali Boudhani. Additional reporting this week from Dale Short and Francesca Rosko. I'm Greg Bass and this is Tapestry. Thanks for joining us!