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From February 8, 2007...

Circus Girl Resting by Yasuo Kuniyoshi

At the close of World War II, as Europe pondered how best to rebuild it's cities and culture, the U.S. State Department pondered how best to communicate the American world view, eventually settling on an art exhibition. It pulled together works that showcased the ascendancy of modern American art and sent it overseas. And somewhere along the way an Alabama Congressional delegation got mixed up in a bizarre confluence of events that culminated in what's become known as the "art bargain of the century". Reporter Haden Holmes Brown has details on how that bargain wound up at Auburn University...

Advancing American Art

Clare Burson

While the state department was trying to use visual art to communicate an idea...all one woman has to do is sing a few bars and she speaks to your soul; at least that's what critics say about independent singer-songwriter Clare Burson. The unsigned Tennessee native's musical background ranges from classical to Klezmer. Once she got to college, though, her focus became writing and performing her own music, as she tells WBHM's Michael Krall...

Clare Burson interview

Singer-songwriter Clare Burson. Her new CD, "Thieves", comes out this spring. Burson plays the Bottletree in Birmingham on Valentine's Day.

Free downloads: Clare Burson live from NPR's New York Bureau
Let Me Lose Me
Take Good Care

Opening an original production anywhere can be a frightening experience - but can be especially daunting in cities like Birmingham, where the theater scene tends to be smaller. Two Magic City groups, though, are hoping their collaboration, and the vision behind it, will help cast any doubts aside. And, as Morgan Jones reports, the musical "Back to the Dream" is the first time The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Summerfest Musical Theater have come together.

Back to the Dream

"Back to the Dream" runs February 15th through the 25th at Summerfest Musical Theater.

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Marlon Spears

It's easy to see why Marlon Spears has gained notoriety by opening for Clarence Carter and Michael McDonald and performing with the Lincoln Center Jazz Ensemble in New York. It's easy to see why Spears has such a bright future: he mastered the saxophone as a teenager, basically taught himself the piano a few years later, and eventually graduated Summa Cum Laude in Music Technology at UAB. All those accomplishments, yet it's not so easy for Marlon Spears to see. He's blind. But Spears says, musically, it's helped. This is "Ridin'" the title cut to his forthcoming CD. (AUDIO MONTAGE) Marlon Spears with the title cut of his new CD "Ridin," due out March 30. In the meantime, you can catch him live inside Ona's Music Room on Birmingham's Southside, Saturday night, February 17th.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott, Michael Krall and Hunter Bell with Rosemary Pennington guest producing this week. Francesca Rosko keeps an eye on community events. We had additional reporting from Haden Holmes Brown and Morgan Jones. Production assistance this week from Steve Chiotakis and Islara Vasquez. I'm Greg Bass and we'll see you next week.

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