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December 2009...

Nicole Abissi Every season the Alabama Symphony Orchestra welcomes a few new faces. When the second trombonist retired after 40 years, musicians from around the country auditioned for his spot in the orchestra -- nothing unusual there. But what is unusual? The woman who won that audition. 24 year old Nicole Abissi is now the youngest member of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. She spoke with WBHM's Michael Krall about auditioning for the ASO job, and how she came to play the trombone.

Nicole Abissi interview...

The next Alabama Symphony Orchestra Masterworks concert is January 8th at the Alys Stephens Center.

Teapot by Paul Revere

Birmingham is a fairly young city - we're not even 200 years old! So, if you want to experience America's beginnings, you've usually got to take a trip up to the Northeast. But right now, art from early America is on view at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The exhibition Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, contains more than 200 pieces - everything from paintings of American history by John Trumbull to silver crafted by Paul Revere. It's part of a traveling exhibition from the Yale University Art Gallery. Graham Boettcher is the BMA's curator of American Art and a Yale alum. He tells WBHM's Bradley George that the exhibition tries to answer a fundamental question...

Grahn Boettcher interview...

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is at the Birmingham Museum of Art through January 10th.

Paul Gaston The Eastern shore of Mobile Bay is noted for its beautiful landscape and pricy real estate. The small city of Fairhope overlooks the bay. But few Alabamians know the city's rich history. Fairhope was founded in 1894 by a group of Midwesterners looking to create an ideal community. Their leader was Earnest B. Gaston, an Iowa journalist who was inspired by the writings of Henry George. George believed that private ownership of land was at the root of most poverty. Gaston and his followers wanted to put that theory to the test. Gaston's grandson -- historian Paul Gaston writes about coming of age in Fairhope in his book, Coming of Age in Utopia; The Odyssey of an Idea. Gaston says intellectuals like his grandfather were seeking solutions to the economic troubles of their time.

Paul Gaston interview...

Paul Gaston taught Southern history for 40 years at the University of Virginia.

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Three events going on around town you shouldn't miss...

Simple Fresh Southern

By now you've probably - finally - unloaded that last bit of leftover turkey and you may be planning for December holiday eats. How about shrimp and deviled-egg salad rolls? Or Celery Julep? Those are just two of the innovative recipes offered in Matt and Ted Lee's new cookbook, Simple Fresh Southern. The South Carolina brothers tell WBHM's Tanya Ott their cookbook writing careers started with a mail-order boiled peanuts business.

Interview with Matt and Ted Lee...

Matt and Ted Lee's new book is The Lee Bros: Simple Fresh Southern.


Tamales are a holiday tradition in Mexico and other Latin American countries. They're cooked in a corn dough and filled with meats and cheeses. A great wintertime comfort food. And for the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, they're a tasty way to connect one community with another. WBHM's Bradley George talks with coalition executive director Isabel Rubio about the tamale tradition in Alabama...

Isabel Rubio interview...

The annual holiday tamale sale of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama runs through December 14.

Somebody & the Somethings

Birmingham musicians Steven Land and Henry Miree formed the band Somebody and the Somethings last year. Their music combines clever lyrics and a relaxed, indie attitude. The band spent most of this fall in the studio, and their debut album, White Lies will be out later this month. This is their tune Not a Scientist. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

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Not A Scientist

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