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August 16, 2007:

Logan Ward

There are country people and city people - and then there are the Wards: Heather Ward, who built a career around human rights and social justice issues, and Logan Ward, a writer who's penned articles for magazines as diverse as National Geographic Adventurer and Southern Accents. They both have childhood ties to Alabama - but as adults they'd lived and worked all over the world. By 2000, though, there was a whole lot more "working" than "living" and their family life was suffering. So they decided to simplify, packing what they could fit in their car and moving to rural Virginia with their one year old son -- who is, by the way, named after a north Alabama bootlegger. The Wards pick up the story with WBHM's Tanya Ott...

Interview with Heather and Logan Ward

Barton Carroll

For the past five years, musician Barton Carroll has toured extensively with indie-rock favorites "Crooked Fingers" - playing guitar, steel guitar and upright bass. But all along his harbored dreams of a solo career... and now, almost a decade after he started writing solo albums, one of them has been released. This is "Cat on a Beach", from the CD Love & War.

Interview with Barton Carroll

Barton Carroll's album is Love and War. He plays at BottleTree Saturday night. Carroll says there's a big difference between touring as a solo artist and with a band like Crooked Fingers.

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Monroe Golden

Growing up in rural St. Clair County - where, in his house, radios were few -- Monroe Golden imagined a life that would be all about farming or of the natural sort, certainly not musical. And, to a degree, he was right; Golden is a computer programmer for AT&T and has been for years. But music is his passion, and that means Golden lives a kind of dual life. Work for money by day and work for music by night. He says the microtonal sound that he enjoys playing is a musical style that divvies up normal notes in ways that are unconventional. And as a result it creates a beauty in music that he says is unlike anything else heard. From Golden's "Alabama Places" CD, this is Scarham Creek.(AUDIO MONTAGE).

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott, Michael Krall and Hunter Bell with help this week from Steve Chiotakis and Islara Vazquez I'm Greg Bass, and we'll see you next week.