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From April 20, 2006...

A bass guitarist describes the indescribable...his music. A community comes out on the big screen...and whadd'ya get when you mix equal parts rock n' roll and southern fried raucous punk? This week's featured band: Caddle. I'm Greg Bass and This is Tapestry.

Oteil Burbridge

You may know Birmingham resident Oteil Burbridge as the bassist for the Allman Brothers. But Burbridge has his own band, Oteil and the Peacemakers, and they've just put out a new mix of funk/jazz/jam/gospel tunes. Burbridge took some time out from his performing schedule to chat with WBHM's Mike Morgan.

Interview with Oteil Burbridge

Oteil Burbridge speaking with WBHM's Mike Morgan. For more information on Oteil and the Peacemakers checkout the Tapestry page of wbhm.org.

Birmingham Shout

Birmingham's film scene is starting to take off. We've got the Sidewalk Film Festival, of course - and the Scramble. And next week, the city's first-ever Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It's called Birmingham Shout. The opening film was a hit at Sundance. "Small Town Gay Bar" documents the history of gay bars across the Deep South. The film highlights the emergence of gay culture in the Bible belt...so too, does Birmingham Shout. WBHM's Tanya Ott spoke with Erik Jambor- who is executive director of the Alabama Moving Image Association - and Jeremy Erdrich - committee chairman for Birmingham Shout. Erdrich says the festival was a long time coming...

Interview with Erik Jambor and Jeremy Erdrich on Birmingham Shout

Erik Jambor is executive director of the Alabama Moving Image Association and Jeremy Erdrich is committee chairman for Birmingham Shout. The festival is April 28th and 29th at WorkPlay in Birmingham. We've got details on the Tapestry page of wbhm.org

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They're a five member blue-collar band from Birmingham whose mission is to give people "an escape from the daily grind, with a bit of Southern Humor." The members of Caddle work hard and play hard, and between all that, lead vocalist Phillip Hyde dropped by our studios. This is the song "Better Bad" from their as yet-untitled CD. (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Caddle plays at the Redline Bar & Grill April 28th. We've got more of their music available for download on the Tapestry page of WBHM.org

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall, with guest production this week by Roseanne Pereira. Hunter Bell produces our musician profiles and Francesca Rosko tracks community events. Additional reporting this week by Mike Morgan. I'm Greg Bass and we'll see you next week.