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From April 13, 2006...

They're tools of the trade for artists - canvas, paint, and DUCT TAPE?! She's been singing on the radio for years, in commercials, that is. Mix 60's pop and 90's rock and you've got our featured band this week...Clockwork. I'm Greg Bass and This is Tapestry.

Jon Coffelt

You've heard the expression "a little duct tape'll fix anything!" But Jon Coffelt can "fix" a blank piece of vellum with duct tape and produce a work of art! Coffelt took a break from hanging his current show at Homewood's Schedler Minchin Gallery to talk with WBHM's Lissa LeGrand.

Interview with John Coffelt

Jon Coffelt's work is on display through Saturday, April 29th at the Schedler Minchin Gallery in Homewood.

Lolly Lee

Those who follow the local music scene know singer-songwriter Lolly Lee from her performances at acoustic venues around town. Everyone else will recognize her voice from tunes like these...

Interview with Lolly Lee

We've got a couple of Lolly Lee's tunes available for download on the Tapestry page of wbhm.org.

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Led Zeppelin, The Strokes, Nirvana, and The Velvet Underground. The musical inspirations for Birmingham band Clockwork span the decades...and now, the band is taking their mix of 60's pop and 90's rock on the road with a tour of southeastern states beginning this month. Band members Desmond Wilson and Robbey Coats took some time from the busy tour schedule to drop by our studios and talk about the new CD "So She Tells Me." This song is "An Ode to You." (AUDIO MONTAGE)

Clockwork plays the High Note Lounge Thursday, April 20th. We've got more of their music available for download on the Tapestry page of WBHM.org.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall, with production help this week from Roseanne Pereira and Mark Harrelson. Hunter Bell produces our musician profiles and Francesca Rosko tracks community events. Additional reporting this week from Lissa LeGrand. I'm Greg Bass. Next week on Tapestry, a conversation with O'Teil Burbridge. The world knows him as the Allman Brothers' bassist and a founding member of Aquarium Rescue Unit. But we know him as a Birmingham musician who, with his band The Peacemakers, has a new collection of groovy funk/jazz/jam tunes. O'Teil Burbridge...on next week's Tapestry.