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From December 29, 2005...

Just how much DOES it cost to give your love the Twelve Days of Christmas? As you're tallying up your holiday gift-giving bills, consider that the dozen days made famous in the song are just beginning...and they could set your bank account spinning! Also, WBHM's Hunter Bell offers a year-end round-up of some of his favorite bands. I'm Greg Bass, and this isTapestry.

A partridge in a pear tree.

The turkey's been picked clean, the wrapping paper's been tossed and the kids have already abandoned the high-tech present for it's very low-tech box. Christmas is past, but the Twelve Days of Christmas are still underway and just in case your true love didn't give you the entire list, Melanie Peeples has it for you now, Birmingham-style.

The REAL cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas

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WBHM's Hunter Bell

Hunter Bell's official title here at WBHM is Assistant Development Director. That means, among other things, he's the guy who sends emails asking for your financial support for the station. But each week he also carves out a little time to kick back with CDs sent in by local musicians. Even though you don't hear his voice on Tapestry each week, you definitely hear his presence, because he chooses and interviews the local musicians we profile at the end of our program. This week, we close out 2005 with a montage of some of Hunter's favorites, starting with the band Earthbound, whose musical influences range from the Grateful Dead, J.J. Cale and Bob Dylan. 2005 was a particularly difficult year for Earthbound, member Kent Donovan died in July.

Some of the musicians profiled on Tapestry in 2005

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Hunter Bell produces musician profiles and Francesca Rosko composes the community calendar. Additional reporting this week from Melanie Peeples. I'm Greg Bass. Thanks for listening in 2005 and here's looking forward to a wonderfully creative 2006!

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