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Arts news

I'm Greg Bass and tonight on Tapestry we travel back in time to Birmingham's old theatre and retail district. Meet the author who tells the story of the Magic City past with pictures. Also, a conversation with the author of the new book "Gods in Alabama". And, music from D. Mangione after this arts news...

Arts news

Birmingham's Theatre and Retail District

It's a place that history has touched and, in some cases, abandoned. While downtown Birmingham is on the verge of a residential renaissance, once upon a time, it was the place to shop, eat or see. Whether picking up clothes or home items at Pizitz or checking out the latest flick -- silent or Vaudeville, downtown attracted quite the crowd. There's a new book that showcases those days of retail and theatre glory in pictures. WBHM's Steve Chiotakis spoke with the author Tim Hollis.

Interview with Tim Hollis

Tim Hollis is author of Birmingham's Theater and Retail District. You can see some of Hollis' pictures, find out more about the book and check out other links inside the Tapestry section at WBHM dot ORG.

Gods in Alabama

Forget "Steel Magnolias" ? meet "Titanium Blossums"? that's how one reviewer describes author Joshilyn Jackson?s debut novel Gods in Alabama ? "a potent mix of humor, murder and a dysfunctional Southern family." Jackson knows a bit of what she writes. She was born in the Deep South and, she says, raised by a tribe of wild fundamentalists who taught her to be virtuous and upright. But ? she says ? it didn?t quite take, and in her new book, you can take it all in...

Interview with Joshilyn Jackson

Joshilyn Jackson's new book is Gods in Alabama. She'll read from the book and discuss it at the Literacy Council's Dinner and Auction Sunday night at Bombay Café® There's more information about that event on our website, wbhm.org.

What's going on in and around the Birmingham area. For additional details, go to our online version of the Community Calendar.

Community Calendar

D. Mangione

Singer-songwriter D. Mangione has been a fixture on the Birmingham music scene for more than a decade. Her music is described as not only folk and bluegrass, but a mix of cowboy, cowgirl and punk ? with an honest rhythm. This is "My Life" off the CD "Sticks are Switches". (AUDIO MONTAGE) The tune is "My Life" off the CD, "Sticks are Switches." D. Mangione is currently working a new album due out this fall and she plays Chick Rockfest tomorrow night at Roxy's and Formaggio's on Saturday night. We?ve got more of her music available for download on the Tapestry section of wbhm.org.

Tapestry is produced by Tanya Ott and Michael Krall. Hunter Bell books our musicians and Francesca Rosko tracks community events. Additional reporting this week from Steve Chiotakis. I'm Greg Bass. Thanks for joining us!

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