I wake up with WBHM every morning.
The info I collected from it plays in my head on my commute.
I ride a bike to work, so this was naturally my depiction of how the radio is enhancing my daily life.
Riding my bike with WBHM in my head makes me feel like a superhero!

WBHM Rides With You


Naked ArtVéro grew up in a small town just outside of Brussels, Belgium. She started painting as a teenager, impulsively filling her bedroom walls with abstracts. She visited Alabama as an exchange student and fell in love with its warm people and weather. At the age of twenty-five, after earning a degree in advertising, working as a copywriter, an art director, and countless small jobs before that, she made it back to Birmingham with everything she owned in two suitcases. While she was happy in her new community, it was not long, says Véro, that she was exhausted by radio programs with repetitive content that never “got out of the box.” Then one day, on her way home from work, she discovered Public Radio WBHM 90.3 broadcasting cultural topics and more world news than she had been able to find in other local media.

Naked ArtIn 1998, two years after her move, Véro opened Naked Art on a shoestring. Naked Art has since become a loyal supporter of WBHM, finding it to be a hub of people who are interested in culture and diversity. Over the years, Veronique has found that underwriting naturally helps her connect with the gallery's audience, especially when it comes to communicating the gallery’s events to current customers and potential new ones — usually opening receptions for new shows and the monthly Third Friday in Forest Park events. “Supporting WBHM comes right back to Naked Art,” Véro says, “because customers constantly mention that they heard my underwriting announcements. Some customers have actually told me that they prefer to shop at Naked Art because I support WBHM!”

Veronique VanblaereToday, despite representing over 60 local and southern artists, Véro still makes time to create her own artwork. She has experimented with pretty much everything, but currently she is focusing on pen and ink drawings, usually created on book pages and covers and while traveling in a moving vehicle. The characters in Véro’s paintings come from sketches made of people in real life or out of her imagination and usually end up getting some surrealistic feature. As Véro says, how much fun is normal?

Véro also creates soft sculptures that you can wear, plays the musical saw in a French local band, co-leads a bike ride for spandex-free commuters, writes her life stories on Wordpress, speed runs in alleys and is learning to ride a unicycle.