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Francesca Rosko

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Francesca Rosko

Francesca Rosko is a legend in her own mind. She has been mentally composing acceptance speeches for her Academy, Tony, Grammy, Pulitzer, Nobel, Whatever award since she was born. To date, she hasn't exactly won any but she did win the "Kick-Board Melody" award one summer at swim team, so that was pretty big. Her earliest memories of WBHM involve wondering why her parents hated her so much and made her suffer through news on her way to school when her friends got to listen to music. Little did she know, this young exposure set the stage for the grand epiphany during high school when she realized that she actually enjoyed public radio. Since then, she has listened to public radio exclusively.

Francesca has just reached that entirely unacceptable moment in life where school has ended (good) but she has no clue what she wants to do with her life (really quite bad). She's a receptionist for a geotechnical engineering firm, which is to say, for the past few years she's had no idea what the company she works with does exactly. It's got something to do with rocks, she thinks. She teaches children's choir which is to say, she gets kicked in the shins a lot and then tries to teach four-year-olds to sing. She lives in an apartment with her sister and has a cat who she loves an absurd amount. His name is Edgar. You'd like him too. She still maintains that she isn't a cat person though she'd run in front of a moving vehicle or into a burning building for her Edgar. He's the only man who really understands her. She's also pretty into coffee, crosswords, quilting and watching movies. And she's usually hungry and would like to take a nap about...now.