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Capitol Journal Update

Don Dailey

90.3 WBHM | Montgomery --The 2015 Alabama legislative session is underway and lawmakers have a full agenda, from charter schools to prison reform to the state's budget shortfall.

WBHM's Rachel Osier Lindley speaks with Don Dailey, co-host of Alabama Public Television's Capitol Journal every Friday on Morning Edition and All Things Considered as we discuss the big legislative action of the week.

90.3 WBHM | 2015-03-27 -- Though the Alabama Legislature was on Spring Break this week a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court has state lawmakers concerned. On Wednesday a divided Supreme Court said a lower court must review whether Alabama's Republican-led legislature relied too heavily on race when it redrew the state's voting districts in 2012.

90.3 WBHM | 2015-03-20 -- Governor Robert Bentley has signed a bill to allow charter schools in the state.The governor's spokeswoman said Bentley signed the GOP-championed bill into law on Thursday. Between the charter schools, the Alabama Accountability Act and 2-year colleges, it was a big week for education in the Alabama Legislature. Here to catch us up is Don Dailey. He's the host of Capitol Journal on Alabama Public Television.

90.3 WBHM | 2015-03-13 -- The Alabama House of Representatives has approved legal protections for those refusing to marry gay or other couples. Supporters say it will protect judges and others from having to violate their personal beliefs, those against it say it will lead to discrimination. Alabama Public Television's Don Dailey updates us on that bill, plus more from the state legislature.

90.3 WBHM | 2015-03-07 -- Alabama lawmakers are off and running now that this year's regular session is underway. The first week began with the governor's State of the State Address. Meanwhile, legislators are already tangling over some high-profile bills. We hear details from Alabama Public Television's Don Dailey.

90.3 WBHM | 2015-02-27 -- The 2015 Alabama legislative session kicks off on Tuesday. From prisons to the state's budget deficit to education, this year's session will be full of important -- and even controversial -- issues. Here to give us a preview of what to expect is Don Dailey, host of Alabama Public Television's Capital Journal.

90.3 WBHM | 2014-04-04 -- The 2014 Alabama legislative session is in the books. Lawmakers wrapped up the session Thursday evening but there's a looming question about one key piece of legislation -- the education budget. We review the final days of the session with Don Dailey.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-05-17 -- With just one day remaining in the legislative session, it’s not clear what bills will make it out of the state legislature, including revisions to the Alabama Accountability Act. We talk about that and other legislative matters with Don Dailey. He’s host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-05-03 -- Democrats complain about getting steamrolled again on the Alabama Accountability Act, and both the General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets must be passed….but the legislative session slips away. We talk about that and other legislative matters with Don Dailey. He’s host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-03-29 -- The halls of the state legislature in Montgomery are quiet as lawmakers spent the week on spring break. But it's really just a pause in what's become a very charged legislative session. We have a mid-session update from Alabama Public Television's Don Dailey.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-03-01 -- Yelling, shouting and general disorder consumed the Alabama Senate Thursday as lawmakers gave final approval to a school flexibility bill Republicans say will improve education in the state. Democrats though are crying “bait and switch” saying the bill was drastically changed at the last minute. Alabama Public Television’s Don Dailey has details in our weekly legislative update.

90.3 WBHM | 2012-05-25 -- Contentious debate over a Republican redistricting plan stretched into the wee hours of the morning Thursday. We have the recap from Alabama Public Television's Don Dailey.

90.3 WBHM | 2012-05-18 -- The 2012 regular session of the Alabama legislature is in the books. Lawmakers wrapped up the session late Wednesday night. But they didn't have much of a reprieve as legislators went right back into a special session on Thursday. We have an update from Alabama Public Television's Don Dailey.

90.3 WBHM | 2012-05-11 -- Alabama lawmakers must approve newly drawn district maps before the session finishes. But the proposed maps are rubbing some Democrats the wrong way. We hear more from Alabama Public Television's Don Daily in this week's legislative update.

90.3 WBHM | 2012-05-04 -- With just a handful of days left in the legislative session Alabama lawmakers advance a charged charter school bill and work on new revenue for Jefferson County while opponents of the state's immigration law protest again. We have the overview from Alabama Public Television's Don Dailey.

90.3 WBHM | 2012-04-13 -- Few issues in Alabama politics right now have drawn such strong opinions as the state’s immigration law. This week, lawmakers held the first hearing this legislative session on possible changes to the law. We hear about that and other action in Montgomery this week from Don Dailey. He’s co-host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal.

90.3 WBHM | 2012-04-06 -- Legislators advance an austere general fund budget and a charter school bill. We have an update from Don Dailey, co-host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal.

90.3 WBHM | 2012-03-30 -- With legislators on spring break, a look at the first half of the session and mysterious charter school robocalls

90.3 WBHM | 2012-03-23 -- Legislators look to curb a controverisal pay raise, changes could be on the way to the state's pension system and lawmakers hear from the public on charter schools

90.3 WBHM | 2012-03-16 -- Is it a given that charter schools will come to Alabama? Also, an update on where things stand with the state budget, and re-evaluating cuts to mental health services

90.3 WBHM | 2012-03-09 -- Are Democrats being treated fairly when it comes to debating legislation? An update on the Right to Know and See Act and a bill allowing incentives for the film industry

90.3 WBHM | 2012-03-02 -- What's at stake for the Department of Human Services? Some legislators take a pay raise, and what's really going on behind the scenes with committees and voice votes?

90.3 WBHM | 2012-02-24 -- Cuts for the Department of Mental Health, consolidation of state agencies, and the shortfall in the General Fund

90.3 WBHM | 2012-02-17 -- Immigration Rally, Occupational Tax and Saggy Pants

90.3 WBHM | 2012-02-10 -- Budget Battles, Immigration Changes and Economic Development Bills

90.3 WBHM | 2012-02-03 -- A preview of the 2012 Alabama legislative session