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China Takes Steps To Halt Plunge In Stock Markets
The main Shanghai stock index has dropped 30 percent since mid-June, triggering margin calls that have fueled further selling.
Russian Supply Capsule Successfully Docks With Space Station
The Progress M-28M spacecraft delivered tons of food, water, oxygen, fuel and other supplies after previous attempts had ended in failure.
Early Results Point To Greek Thumbs-Down On Bailout Referendum
By what looks to be a decisive margin, the people rejected a package of austerity measures from international creditors and handed their leaders a mandate to try to renegotiate the deal.
Greeks Begin Voting In Historic Resolution
Greeks vote Sunday on a referendum that the government says is about austerity. The opposition says it's a vote on staying in the Eurozone. NPR's Lynn Neary speaks to correspondent Joanna Kakissis.
Don't Blame The Sharks For 'Perfect Storm' Of Attacks In North Carolina
The state's beaches usually see one shark attack a summer, if any. This year, there have already been seven. But this uptick in attacks is likely not tied to shark populations so much as to our own.
Tunisia Seeks Its Way On A Winding, Bumpy Path
An attacker recently opened fire on Tunisian beach and killed 38 people. NPR's Alice Fordham, who went to cover the story, used to live in Tunisia. She reflects on how the country has changed.
Do Try This At Home: 3 Korean Banchan (Side Dishes) In One Pot
If you've ever eaten at a Korean restaurant, you're used to the endless side dishes that come out with the meal. They're called banchan, and they're remarkably simple to make for yourself.
Want A Taste Of Virtual Reality? Step One: Find Some Cardboard
Fancy headsets can cost between $200 and $500. But if you have a smartphone, some extra time and an empty pizza box, you can make your own.
You Haven't Left The Building But Your Brain's On A Virtual Reality Trip
You can now experience the aftermath of Nepal's earthquake or get a sense of what it's like to be in a refugee camp without leaving home. Will that make you more likely to donate to a cause?
Trump's Campaign Theme Song Headache? Blame Michael Jackson, Sort Of
Candidates keep getting in trouble for picking theme songs without getting approval from the artist. You can trace this back to changes in both campaigning and the way companies sell products.
Israel And The West Bank Through Fresh Eyes
A dozen photographers were set loose with the aim of seeing an old conflict in a new light. The result is a photo exhibit now showing in Tel Aviv and coming soon to the U.S.
As Greece Stares Down Its Money Troubles, A Decisive Vote Looms
Greeks vote Sunday on a referendum that will determine the future of the country's troubled economy and the question of whether Greece remains part of the eurozone.
'Firework, Not Fire Fun': The Serious Jobs Of Pyrotechnic Pros
With some 50,000 fireworks going off in just 25 minutes, Macy's Fourth of July fireworks display in New York City is the biggest in the U.S. — but the task of putting it all together is even bigger.
Charleston Reporters Tell The National Story Of Local Violence
The staff of hometown paper The Post and Courier feels the emotional toll of covering the church shootings and other traumatic events.
Aphrodisiacs Can Spark Sexual Imagination, But Probably Not Libido
Going on a picnic with someone special? Make sure to pack watermelon, a food that lore says is an aphrodisiac. No food is actually scientifically linked to desire, but here's how some got that rep.