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Texas Attorney General Indicted On Felony Charges, 'New York Times' Reports
State attorney General Ken Paxton was indicted on three counts of securities fraud, according to the Times, and is expected to turn himself in to authorities on Monday.
Jericho Isn't Cecil's Brother And Is Probably Still Alive, Lion Researcher Says
Citing "huge disgust and sadness," a conservation group said the lion nicknamed Jericho had been killed Saturday. But a researcher in Zimbabwe says he doesn't believe it.
SuperPACs Report Their Funds — And The Numbers Are Staggering
SuperPACs released their latest funding numbers Friday, and already it's clear that the committees' roles in 2016 will be gargantuan.
After A West Bank Home Goes Up In Flames, Tensions Flare In The Region
A Palestinian baby was killed Friday in an arson attack in the West Bank. Jewish settlers are suspected in the attack, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called "an act of terrorism."
Wildfires In California Spur Emergency Declaration; 1 Firefighter Dead
Nine of the largest fires cover areas of at least 1,000 acres each; a firefighter from Rapid City, S.D., was killed while battling one large blaze in Northern California.
After Devastating Injury, Austrian Pole Vaulter Is Breathing On Her Own
Doctors say the fall has left Kira Grunberg, 21, a paraplegic — a development that shocked the sports world in Europe and brought offers of emotional and financial support.
Sailing Federation Will Test Waters For Viruses In Brazil's Olympics Venues
The International Sailing Federation says the move is prompted by concerns over athletes' health and safety, after reports of raw sewage and trash in the water around Rio.
MH370 Update: Recovered Jet Section Arrives At French Lab For Testing
After the large piece of debris was discovered on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean this week, Malaysia Airlines said it "is almost certainly part of a Boeing 777."
In Germany, Asylum-Seekers Could Fill A Chronic Workforce Need
Germany has struggled with a record number of refugees, prompting calls for increased deportations. But German businesses see an opportunity in these newcomers to ease a shortage of skilled workers.
Empire Strikes PAC And Other Punny SuperPAC Names
My Cat Xavier For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow superPAC backed Hank the Cat in the 2012 Virginia Senate election. Xavier also cared about naps, treats, and prison reform.
Police-Community Collaboration Has Helped Kept Peace In Cincinnati
A 2001 agreement between Cincinnati police, the police union and community groups is credited with keeping protests peaceful there after the killing of an unarmed black motorist by a police officer.
France Refuses To Sell Two Warships To Russia
The dispute follows Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The 1.6 billion euro helicopter carriers are sitting in French dockyards.
Zimbabwe May Give Land Back To Some White Farmers
White farmers were driven out of Zimbabwe 15 years ago. Now the government says some white farmers could get their land back. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Zimbabwean journalist Peta Thornycroft.
SuperPac Filings, Candidates' Forums: The Week In Politics
Hillary Clinton released her medical report, her tax returns, and a cache of unseen emails on Friday. NPR's Scott Simon talks politics with senior editor Ron Elving.
Edison's 'Little Monsters' Restored To Their Original Freakishness
Visitors at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park can hear newly-restored Edison talking dolls. They are the stuff of nightmares. This story originally aired May 5 on All Things Considered.