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Two Armed Men Killed After Shooting Outside Muhammad Cartoon Contest
The men opened fire on a security officer outside an anti-Islamist cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. They were subsequently shot and killed by police, authorities say.
In Nepal, Efforts Underway To Salvage Ancient Sites Damaged By Quake
At least 70 ancient sites in the Kathmandu Valley were damaged or destroyed in last month's quake. Archaeologists and others are trying to protect and recover as much as they can, as fast as possible.
A Poker Battle Against A Computer
On this day in 1997, Boris Kasparov, the world's top chess player, faced off against IBM's chess-playing supercomputer, Deep Blue — and lost. This week, professional poker players are trying something similar in Pittsburgh, and they're winning.
In Syria, Signs That The Army Is Losing Ground To Rebel Groups
NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Anne Barnard, the New York Times Beirut bureau chief, about the state of the Syrian army. Might an end to four years of fighting be in sight?
In Baltimore, The Curfew Ends And Residents Observe A Day Of Reflection
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake lifted the citywide curfew and Maryland's governor declared Sunday a day of prayer and peace.
5 Things You Should Know About Ben Carson
The pediatric neurosurgeon, who entered the presidential race Sunday night, performed pioneering operations on conjoined twins and hasn't held public office before. Here's what you might not know.
NYPD Officer In Critical Condition After Shooting
The officer, 25-year-old Brian Moore, was shot in the head after stopping the assailant, who was "adjusting an object in his waistband," New York Police say.
Yemen's Descent, Through A Photographer's Lens
Photographer Alex Potter arrived in Yemen in 2012 as it was going through an uprising, part of the broader Arab upheaval. Since then, she's grown deeply attached, even as it has fallen into chaos.
Italian Coast Guard Rescues 3,700 Migrants In Mediterranean
A series of small operations in a single day managed to pick up the refugees fleeing North Africa in smugglers' boats in hopes of reaching Europe.
Baltimore Mayor Lifts Curfew
Stephanie Rawlings-Black announced via Twitter that she has rescinded the curfew effective immediately.
Nepal's Medical Worries: Crowded Hospitals, Open Wounds
An estimated 14,000 people survived April's earthquake in Nepal with serious injuries. NPR's Rachel Martin gets a picture of medical conditions there from American E.R. doctor Bianca Grecu-Jacobs.
101-Year-Old Man Among Quake Survivors Found In Nepal
Another man and a woman were rescued from wreckage in a village a full week after the devastating magnitude-7.8 earthquake that has more than 7,000.
To Restore Its Shattered Treasures, Nepal Has A Secret Weapon
Many of Nepal's historic treasures crumbled in last week's earthquake. But generations of wood and stone carvers have spawned a tradition that could help return monuments to their former glory.
Former Baltimore Mayor: Police Charges Send Signal On Arrest Standards
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with former mayor of Baltimore, Kurt Schmoke about the strained relationship between city communities and the police, and looks back on his own efforts at urban renewal.
World Bank Accused Of Unfair Evictions
The World Bank funds projects around the globe aimed at alleviating poverty. Along the way, people get uprooted. The World Bank has acknowledged "serious shortcomings" in its resettlement practices.