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Foreign Buyers Scoop Up Abandoned Spanish Villages
Whole villages are up for sale in Spain, and they're going cheap. This story originally aired on August 23, 2015 on Weekend Edition Sunday.
Once Migrants Reach Europe, What Rights Are They Entitled To?
NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Babar Baloch, Central Europe spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, about how Europeans are handling the migrant crisis.
Katrina Sparked Push To Improve Hurricane Forecasting
In the decade since Katrina, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service have invested in new satellites and computer modeling technology that have significantly improved their ability to forecast and track hurricanes.
Tensions Rise At Border As Dominican Republic Begins Deporting Haitians
Dominican forces are expelling Haitians everyday, part of an ongoing plan to deport people without papers who have been living on the wrong side of the border for years.
Archaeologist Works To Track The Islamic State's War On Culture
NPR's Robert Siegel talks to archaeologist Michael Danti, who is tracking the cultural heritage sites and artifacts in Palmyra, Syria, that may soon be lost forever at the hands of ISIS.
Some Suspect Kenyan Anti-Terror Forces In Disappearance Of Somali Muslims
Under the guise of anti-terror investigations, Somali Muslims are disappearing in Kenya.
Patel Clan Challenges India's Quota System
Twenty-two-year-old Hardik Patel is shaking one of the pillars of India: its quota system for socially and economically challenged castes. His drive to win the same status for his relatively well-off sizable Patel clan has attracted a major following. But it's also drawn suspicion among those who say his real aim is to overturn India's caste-based affirmative action.
Thai Police Issue Arrest Warrants For 2 More Bombing Suspects
Over the weekend, police arrested a man whom they have not charged. Police, however, gave themselves the $84,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest.
EU Ministers Call Emergency Meeting To Discuss Migrant Crisis
Europe has seen an unprecedented number of migrants and asylum seekers reach its borders. EU ministers called the meeting, in part, to try to decide which migrants are treated as refugees.
Buddhist And Muslim Relations Underly Southeast Asia Refugee Crisis
Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has a crisis. The ethnic Buddhists and minority Muslims fought in 2012, and that incident underlies the "boat people" crisis facing several Southeast Asian nations.
Tokyo Wins Little League World Series 18-11 Over Pa. Team
In the title game on Sunday in South Williamsport, Pa., the Tokyo team defeated the team from Lewisberry, Pa., 18-11. The Japanese team battled back after being down eight runs in the first inning.
Travel Suggestions: 'Gates Of Hell' And Ringing Rocks Park
David Plotz of Atlas Obscura, a website devoted to the world's wondrous and curious places, takes us to "The Gates of Hell" in Turkmenistan and to Ringing Rocks Park in Pennsylvania.
Court In Egypt Jails Al-Jazeera Journalists After Retrial
An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced the Al-Jazeera journalists to prison after being retried on charges of broadcasting false news. More than 20 journalists are incarcerated in Egypt.
Settled Migrants In Greece Reach Out To Help Newcomers
Afghan refugees are camped out in an Athens park, waiting for papers to get out of Greece. They live in donated tents and get clothes, medicine and food from volunteers — including fellow migrants.
How Are U.N. Climate Talks Like A Middle School? Cliques Rule
Tiny island nations, Latin American developing countries and even non-joiners like Switzerland have all found more power and influence in climate negotiations after forming or joining a group.