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Debris In The Indian Ocean May Have Come From Vanished Airliner
A source tells NPR a piece of wing found on an island appears to be from a large passenger plane. Other media say sources link it to a Boeing 777 like the Malaysian jet that disappeared last year.
Mexico's Soccer Coach Fired After Punching TV Reporter
NPR's Melissa Block speaks to ESPN soccer commentator Fernando Palomo about Miguel Herrera's coaching style, legacy and strange appeal.
After Boston Drops Olympic Bid, U.S. Committee Scrambles To Find New Choice
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks to Andrew Zimbalist, author of Circus Maximus: The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup, about cities' reluctance to host the Olympics.
Obama Administration Officials Take The 'Malign' Line On Iran
'Malign' is the buzzword of the moment among administration officials to describe Iran's activities in the region. NPR takes a look at the use of the word.
One Point Of View On How Lions Can Earn Money For Africa
Cecil the lion died in an apparently illegal hunt in Zimbabwe. But legal trophy hunting can bring in big bucks for Africa nations. Our interviewee thinks tourism is a far more profitable venture.
Birkin Bag Is Fine, But Namesake Actress Wants 'Birkin Croco' Rebranded
After seeing a video that PETA published on the treatment of crocodiles, Jane Birkin asks Hermes to remove her name from the line's crocodile-skin version.
Afghan Government Says Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Is Dead
The Afghan government said Wednesday that Taliban leader Mullah Omar "died in April 2013 in Pakistan." The news comes just as peace talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban are due to resume.
Google Brings Internet Service To Sri Lanka Through, Balloons?
Google has successfully launched its "Project Loon" in Sri Lanka. The goal of the program is to use a series of high-altitude balloons to bring 3G service to underserved areas.
Senate Republicans Raise Concerns About Lifting Iran Economic Sanctions
Senate Republicans expressed skepticism about the Iran nuclear deal Wednesday, including concern that the deal would allow Iran to acquire missiles and conventional arms in the coming years.
Politics Overshadows U.S. Tech Firms' Hopes For Entering Iran
With a young, well-educated population, Iran has the potential to be a boom market for tech. But sanctions and negative political implications for doing business there seem to limit prospects.
At Least 1,500 Migrants Attempt To Storm English Channel Tunnel In France
A Sudanese man was found dead after nearly 1,500 migrants attempted the journey to Britain through the Channel Tunnel Tuesday night. France is boosting security at the tunnel entrance.
Nobel Prize Winner Thinks No One Should Ever Retire
Muhammad Yunus — honored for loaning millions to poor women — just turned 75. And he's thrilled to keep on working: 'The word retirement is very harmful.'
Barricaded In, Myanmar's Rohingya Struggle To Survive In Ghettos And Camps
Habibullah considers himself lucky. His movements are restricted but he and his family live in their longtime house in a police-guarded ghetto. Many of his neighbors were forced into internment camps.
Some Chinese Grandparents Are Making Their Grandkids Fat
A new study shows that children in China who are mainly cared for by grandparents instead of Mom and Dad are twice as likely to be overweight — contributing to the country's obesity epidemic.
Migrant Dies In Calais As Thousands Try To Use Channel Tunnel
Since Jan. 1, French officials have intercepted more than 37,000 migrants who were hoping to jump on trains or trucks heading to Britain via the Channel Tunnel.