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Rep. Sandy Levin: Fight Over Pacific Trade Deal Is About Setting Standards
NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Democratic Rep. Sandy Levin, ranking minority member of the Ways and Means Committee, who monitored Trans-Pacific Partnership talks and advocated changes to the deal.
U.S. Commander In Afghanistan Says Kunduz Hospital 'Mistakenly Struck'
At the first Congressional hearing on the fighting in Afghanistan since a U.S. plane fired on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, the top U.S. commander is in the hot seat. Gen. John Campbell is expected to face questions Tuesday about why the hospital was targeted, as the White House mulls keeping a residual force of up to 5,000 in Afghanistan beyond 2016.
Two Scientists Awarded Nobel Prize In Physics For Neutrinos Discoveries
Arthur McDonald of Canada and Takaaki Kajita of Japan were awarded Nobel Prize in Physics Tuesday for discovering that subatomic particles called neutrinos can switch from one kind to another. NPR has more about the win and how it could change physics in a big way.
Obama Begins Sales Pitch To Congress On Trans-Pacific Partnership
Negotiators reached agreement on a massive trade deal this week. It sets in motion a complex political fight — one that involves federal policy, the national economy, President Obama's legacy, and creates a backdrop for the 2016 presidential election.
After Harrowing Journey, Syrian Teacher Finally Rests In Germany
After a harrowing and exhausting month-long journey, Syrian teacher Monzer Omar has finally reached Germany. Rested but restless, he's anxious to start his new life and send for his family.
Regional Tensions Rise After Russian Strikes Violate Turkish Airspace
Turkey claims Russian military planes violated its airspace as regional tension increases over the Russian operations in Syria.
Former U.N. General Assembly President Charged In Corruption Scheme
U.S. prosecutors say John Ashe accepted more than $1 million in bribes in exchange for support of investment contracts.
Kenyan Lawman Vows To Defeat Terrorism The Way He Fought Crime
Mohamud Saleh made his name by reducing crime in a lawless part of northeast Kenya. After an absence of more than a decade, he's returned to fight terrorism and argues the very same tactics will work.
Russian Warplane Incursions In Turkey Are 'Unacceptable,' NATO Chief Says
Turkey says that on Sunday, a MiG-29 plane kept two of its F-16 jets on its radar as potential targets for more than five minutes.
Facing The Challenge Of Reporting And Keeping At-Risk Sources Safe
While covering gang violence in El Salvador, an NPR reporting team faced tough questions about how to get people's stories while protecting them from the potentially harmful repercussions of talking.
This We Do Know About TPP: The Shouting Is Already Loud
When President Obama announced a massive trade deal on Monday, he heard cheers from business groups. But the unions and public-interest groups that usually support him rejected the trade proposal.
Examining Russia's Military Capabilities In Syria
It's being reported that Russia will use "volunteer" ground forces in the fight to back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Renee Montagne talks to Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer.
Microsoft's Satya Nadella Travels The World Looking For The Next Big Idea
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in Mexico last week on a high-profile visit. Now that smartphones and Internet access have become so universal, the next billion-dollar idea could come from anywhere.
Devout Muslim Preaches His Love For America
Since 1965 about 60 million people have moved to the U.S. from around the world. A Muslim immigrant from Libya says living in the U.S. means both coping with bigotry and enjoying religious freedom.
China Is Absent From Trans-Pacific Trade Deal
The TPP is a key part of the Obama administration's pivot to Asia, strapping together the economies of several Asian nations to the U.S. It's also a counter to China's growing influence in the region.