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No Cause For Murder Charges In Arafat's Death, French Investigators Say
More than two years after accusations arose that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's 2004 death was the result of polonium-210 poisoning, French judges say there isn't enough evidence.
Director Of Taylor Swift's New Video Defends His Work
"Wildest Dreams" depicts a love story set in Africa, circa 1950, the director notes. It did not have a political agenda, and did have people of color in front of the camera and on the creative team.
Most Migrants Hope To Settle In Germany After Long Journey To Europe
Hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have struggled to reach Europe after fleeing war, oppression and poverty. The vast majority have one destination in mind: Germany.
U.N. Presents Bleak Outlook In Latest Report On Gaza
A United Nations report says if things continue as they are now, Gaza won't be "habitable" by 2020. Water shortages are a major problem, among other things.
Obama Clinches 34th Vote To Secure Iran Nuclear Deal
Winning over its 34th member of the Senate, the Obama administration now has enough votes to block Congressional efforts to derail the nuclear deal with Iran. Secretary of State John Kerry also boosted the deal in a speech Wednesday in Philadelphia.
Some Hungarians Aid Migrants Waiting Outside Budapest Train Station
Many of the migrants waiting outside the rail station in Budapest hoping to get to Germany are showing the effects of exhaustion, malnutrition and days of sleeping rough. Now some Hungarians are trying to help.
Why Are Migrants Surging Into Europe Now?
The steady stream of migrants in past years has turned into a torrent this year. Here's a primer on the main forces at work.
Obama Secures Enough Support For Iran Deal In Congress
Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., became the crucial 34th vote needed to sustain President Obama's expected veto should Congress pass a measure to block the agreement.
Thai Police Arrest Another Suspect In Bombing
Thai police have arrested a second foreign suspect in the country's deadliest bombing. They don't know if he's the yellow-shirted man seen leaving a backpack at the scene on the day of the bombing.
Iceland Considers Taking In More Syrian Refugees
More than 10,0000 people from the small European country have offered to host Syrian refugees. Renee Montagne talks to Tryggvi Adalbjornsson, a reporter with Icelandic National Radio.
During Holy Year, Priests Permitted To Forgive Women Who Had Abortions
Pope Francis announced that priests will be able to offer absolution to women who've had an abortion. The policy, in place for a year, is part of a Holy Year of Mercy that starts in December.
Pack Your Imagination. We're Off To Herodium And A Clown Motel
David Plotz of the travel website Atlas Obscura tells us about two more of his favorite unlikely parts of the world: Herodium in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and a clown-themed motel in Nevada.
Fasting To The Death: Is It A Religious Rite Or Suicide?
A member of the ancient religion of Jainism who is very sick or very old may opt to stop eating. But India's Supreme Court is weighing a ban on the practice because suicide is illegal by Indian law.
Hungarian Billboards Warn Migrants To Stay Away
Many European leaders want to cut down on the growing number of arriving migrants. In Hungary, they are erecting billboards and handing out flyers outside the country warning migrants to stay out.
Authorities Stop Migrants In Budapest From Rail Travel
The Hungarian authorities first allowed hundreds of refugees to take trains from Budapest to Germany. Then on Tuesday, they refused to allow migrants to travel — even those who had purchased tickets.