Remembering The Relics And Rich History Of Mosul, Before ISIS
When NPR's Alice Fordham visited Mosul in 2010, bird droppings and rain were the biggest threats to its archaeological sites. Now ISIS has destroyed artifacts that had endured for millennia.
Iraq's National Museum To Open For First Time Since 2003 Invasion
The planned reopening was moved up following the release of a video showing self-declared Islamic State extremists destroying priceless ancient artifacts in the Mosul museum.
While New England Gets Snow, West Africa Gets Sand
A hot wind blows from the Sahara Desert across West Africa each winter. This year, the clouds of sand are so thick that flights are grounded, cocoa trees are suffering and everyone has a cough.
Egypt Declares Hamas 'Terrorist' Group
The organization, an offshoot of Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood, controls the Gaza Strip.
West Calls On Russia For Independent Probe Of Nemtsov's Murder
The opposition leader and harsh critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down in public on Friday.
Report Urges Britain To Take Small-Claims Cases Online
Instead of settling low-value civil cases in court, a new report from the Civil Justice Council says these disputes should be settled online. NPR's Scott Simon talks to the author, Richard Susskind.
More U.S.-Cuba Talks Ahead, Including Human Rights Dialogue
The United States hosted a second round of talks with Cuba aimed at restoring diplomatic ties and re-opening embassies.
Tiny Hungarian Village Puts Itself Up For Hire
Planning an event? There's an entire village in Hungary that's available for rent. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Barabara Balogh, the village of Megyer's sales manager, about how to book the town.
Boris Nemtsov, Shot Friday, Was A Vehement Anti-Putin Critic
Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in Moscow Friday night. Nemtsov was a longtime opposition leader and a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin. Putin condemned the killing.
Pakistani Author Mohsin Hamid And His Roving 'Discontent'
Mohsin Hamid combines the personal and political in his new book, Discontent and Its Civilizations. NPR's Scott Simon talks with the Pakistani author about his new collection of essays.
A German Muslim Asks His Compatriots: 'What Do You Want To Know?'
Inside his dentist's office, Sadiqu al-Mousllie is treated like any other German. It's different when the Syrian-born man steps outside. He's trying to fight Islamophobia, one question at a time.
After Second Round Of Talks, Cubans, Americans Emerge Upbeat
Roberta Jacobson, the American diplomat leading the talks, said the talks were "productive and encouraging" and a U.S. embassy could open in Havana by April.
Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov Shot Dead In Moscow
On Friday, gunmen shot to death the prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov. Nemtsov was a longtime Russian opposition leader and a sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin.
Mexican Attorney General Who Handled Case Of Vanished Students Will Step Down
Jesus Murillo Karam ran the investigation when 43 college students disappeared.
Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov Shot Dead
Nemtsov served as a governor and deputy prime minister in the 1990s. He later became an opposition leader and sharp critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was killed on a street in Moscow.