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Breaking Down The Race For The Speaker's Gavel
The competition for speaker of the House turned competitive on Sunday. Senior editor Ron Elving talks with NPR's Michel Martin about what this could mean for the leadership in Congress.
Chaffetz Leaps Into Race To Succeed Boehner As Speaker
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, announced he will run for speaker of the House, challenging GOP majority leader Kevin McCarthy to become the successor to outgoing Speaker John Boehner.
Doctors Without Borders Director: U.S.-Allied Forces To Blame For Attack
The international medical aid group Doctors Without Borders is blaming U.S-allied forces for a deadly attack on one of its hospitals in Afghanistan.
Pope's Visit Brings Focus To Tenuous Intersection Of Faith And Politics
Many Americans are reassessing Pope Francis' triumphant U.S. tour because of his meeting with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis.
Suburban High School Says Farewell To Football
In St. Louis, a school district has disbanded its football team, citing injuries and waning demand for the sport.
Doctors Without Borders: Kunduz Airstrike Was 'War Crime'
A hospital was hit while U.S. forces were conducting an airstrike in the Afghan city; the aid group says 22 people were killed. NATO has said that it will conduct an investigation into the attack.
'A Shocking Development' In The Long Struggle To Hold On To Kunduz
The U.S. and NATO have spent years in Kunduz, Afghanistan, building communities to keep insurgents out. Two who were there 12 years ago describe how it felt this week when the Taliban retook the city.
As Chaffetz Jumps In, Race For House Speaker Turns Competitive
Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he's a better choice for the job than Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
Flotsam In Area Where Cargo Ship Went Missing, Coast Guard Says
Authorities lost contact with the El Faro, a 790-foot cargo vessel, after it sent an satellite distress message amid hurricane-force winds and waves in the Bahamas.
South Carolina Gov.: Flooding At 1,000-Year Level
The major hurricane is likely to reach the Atlantic island of Bermuda by about midnight. Meanwhile, it is fueling heavy rain and "catastrophic flooding" in South Carolina.
Cases To Watch As Supreme Court Resumes Session
Nina Totenberg speaks with NPR's Rachel Martin about what to expect from the new session of the Supreme Court, which begins each year on the first Monday in October.
Good Gourd! What's With All The Weird-Looking Squash?
Cinderella pumpkins just don't cut it for fall decor anymore. Squash and gourds come in all sorts of colors and sizes — and as far as consumers are concerned, the stranger, the better.
Got A Personal Finance Question? Don't Miss The Bus
Marsha Barnes isn't a typical finance coach. To get advice to those who need it most, she has taken her tips to the streets — literally, in a 1988 bus. "Wherever I'm needed, I'm there," she says.
An Ex-Lawman On A Lonely Mission: Bringing The Police To Justice
If you called him obsessive, former Utah Sheriff "Dub" Lawrence wouldn't disagree. For decades, he's been chipping away at cold cases — and his biggest challenge: what he sees as police impunity.
As A Father's Alzheimer's Progresses, Family Learns To Love Him As He Is
As his disease advances, Greg O'Brien finds his personality shifting, too. "I know I can't go back to who I was before," he says. "I've got to learn to live with the new me."