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Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds
A new meta-analysis of trigger bias, drawing on 42 studies, found that when asked to evaluate a threat, people tend to shoot at black targets more often than white targets — and to do so more quickly
R.I.P. Humvee: What's Next For Military Transport?
The reign of the Humvee is coming to an end and a new fleet of military vehicles is on the way. Washington Post reporter Christian Davenport discusses the history of the Humvee and what's next.
With Futures Tied To Mining, Some Montana Towns Seek New Ways To Get By
Mining moves in boom-and-bust cycles. It's busting right now as metals prices are the lowest they've been in years. In states like Montana, that means small mining towns are looking for other options.
3 Views On A Tragedy: Reporters Recall First Days After Katrina
When Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast, devastating regions of Louisiana and Mississippi, three of NPR's correspondents saw the storm firsthand. These are their stories.
Turkey, U.S., Conduct First Joint Airstrikes Against ISIS
Ankara, long hesitant to commit to the coalition against the self-declared Islamic State, said "[the] fight against the terrorist organization is a priority."
Donald Trump In 9 Quotes And 200 Seconds
Trump took his act on the road to Tennessee, where he thrilled a conservative audience with an off-the-cuff routine that bordered on stand-up comedy.
New Orleans Mayor On Katrina Anniversary: 'We Saved Each Other'
The 10th anniversary of the devastating storm was marked by prayers and church bells to remember the estimated 1,800 who lost their lives in the disaster.
Ebola Flashback: Nancy Snyderman's Experience Was Different From Mine
The Today show medical editor gave a new interview about her controversial quarantine. It triggered powerful memories for an NPR journalist who was in Liberia around the same time.
Suspect Arrested In Killing Of Texas Deputy At Houston-Area Gas Station
Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said the Friday evening shooting was unprovoked; he has called it a "cold-blooded execution." A suspect is now in custody and facing capital murder charges.
10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Randy Adams Still Counts His Blessings
To mark 10 years since Hurricane Katrina, NPR's Scott Simon checks back in with New Orleans resident Randy Adams who he first spoke with right after the hurricane hit.
A Decade After Flood's Devastation, Love Keeps New Orleans Afloat
New Orleans lost much since Hurricane Katrina, and the failed levees that flooded the city. But Gwen Thompkins says the passions that survived the flood kept her city alive too.
50 Percent Off A College Education? Not Such A Good Deal After All
Why so many private colleges are giving out massive discounts.
Sam Clovis: I Trust Trump To Go To Washington And Change Things
Donald Trump's Republican presidential campaign continues to lead in the polls, and this week Trump hired Sam Clovis to be his national campaign co-chairman. A week ago, Clovis worked for Rick Perry.
Worsening Wildfire Seasons Tax The Forest Service
The agency says it's now spending record amounts on fire suppression, and these bills are coming at the expense of its other programs — many of which would help prevent future wildfires.
NHL Hall-Of-Fame Coach Al Arbour Dies At Age 82
The long-time coach of the New York Islanders won four Stanley Cup championships with the team — after winning four as a player.