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Trisha Powell Crain On Hoover School's Reversal Of Bus-Cut Plan

Some of the youngest protesters at an August Hoover school board meeting. The board, speaking through its lawyer, then said members were studying other cost-cutting options but would not rescind their July vote to end busing. That changed last night. Photo by Dan Carsen.

90.3 WBHM Birmingham-- There's been a victory of sorts for parents whose children ride school buses in Hoover. In July, the school board got national attention and angered many residents by voting to scrap the sprawling district's busing program starting next school year. But after intense community pressure and input from the Justice Department, the board unanimously reversed itself Monday night. Shortly after, WBHM's Southern Education Desk reporter Dan Carsen caught up with Trisha Powell Crain, a Hoover parent and longtime education policy writer. Though she has some misgivings, she calls last night's school-board reversal a good example of what persistent community organizing can accomplish:

~ Dan Carsen, Dec. 10, 2013

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