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Clinton, Tenn., Schools Still Largely White

90.3 WBHM Half a century ago, the civil rights movement launched its legendary struggle for racial equality. Many of its biggest battles were fought here in the south and one of its greatest victories was overturning the federal law that allowed racially segregated schools. But now, 50 years on, studies show schools are resegregating, especially in the south. This week on WBHM, we ask the question “Why?” And what does it mean for students?

In the first part of our Southern Education Desk series, reporter Christine Jessel takes us to the town of Clinton, Tennessee, where a handful of African-American students were the first in the South to face thousands of screaming, angry white adults who didn’t want their state-supported high school desegregated. Today, the demographics in Clinton still look very much the same.

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~ Christine Jessel, February 25, 2013

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