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90.3 WBHM | Birmingham -- Birmingham is big business and small. But whatever the size of the operation, the marketplace is connected by people who have to grapple with numbers and projections and spin. We try and slice through the psychobabble that can be business news with a weekly discussion of who's up and who's down, why the market reacts a certain way or what a business closing or opening means to you.

Cindy Crawford

WBHM's Andrew Yeager speaks with Cindy Crawford, Editor of the Birmingham Business Journal every Monday on Morning Edition as we discuss the big stories of the moment.

90.3 WBHM | 04.02.2012 -- Developers eye properties around Birmingham's new downtown baseball stadium, two new housing developments are on the way and companies spent less on lobbying last year

90.3 WBHM | 03.19.2012 -- New data suggests the hospital industry in bouncing back from the recession in a big way. The nine major hospitals in the Birmingham metro area netted more than $154 million during fiscal year 2010. That’s more than seven times the amount they netted the previous year.

90.3 WBHM | 03.05.2012 -- A Birmingham construction company jumps into the lucrative health care sector and there may be a lot more graduates to fill Alabama's tech jobs.

90.3 WBHM | 02.27.2012 -- A new analysis shows that despite banking mergers and acquisitions, Birmingham is still among the top 10 largest banking centers in the country.

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