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90.3 WBHM | Birmingham -- Dr. John Lennox has been exploring the place where religion and science meet for decades. Raised in Ireland where religion is "in the DNA", Lennox never gave a second thought to his belief in God. It wasn't until he went off to Cambridge University that he would dive into the debate over religion, science and evolution after a student asked him if he believed in God.

Since then Lennox has gone on to become a vocal proponent of intelligent design. The Oxford University reader in mathematics is also a fellow in mathematics and the philosophy of science at the school. He travels all over the world talking about the nexus of religion and science, as well as intelligent design ... although he doesn't like that label. Lennox says it's been hijacked by people who don't understand it.

John Lennox is in Birmingham to speak at a luncheon sponsored by Fixed Point Foundation.

--Rosemary Pennington, April 30, 2007


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