This EEO Public File Report Covers the Period Ending November 30, 2006

Equal Employment Opportunity Public File Report WBHM(FM)

Recruitment Activity Summary December 1, 2005-November 30, 2006

This EEO Public File Report is filed in the public inspection files for Station WBHM(FM) pursuant to Section 73.2080(c)(6) of the Federal Communications Commission's ("FCC") rules.

Total Full-Time Vacancies During the period ending on November 30, 2006, the station filled the following full-time vacancies: None

Exhibit B contains a list and brief description of outreach initiatives undertaken pursuant to the FCC's EEO rules during the time period covered by this report.

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Job Title of Vacancy: None during the period covered.


Menu Option Activities:

Station WBHM has engaged in the following outreach activities during the period covered by this Report:

Intern Program

During the period WBHM used 5 UAB Broadcast Students and 3 high school communication students to assist with program production, writing and web site production. These were competitive internships where all students were interviewed and were required to provide copies of past work. All students received on-site training to improve their skills in news writing, production values and on-air presentation. The students received class credit for their WBHM work, based on reports prepared by WBHM's News Director and/or WBHM's Program Director.

In March and April of 2006, WBHM hosted Roseanne Periera, one of National Public Radio’s first Kroc Fellows. Under the supervision of WBHM News Director Tanya Ott Periera received on-the-job training in broadcast journalism, researching, reporting and producing radio features that aired on WBHM and eventually on NPR’s podcast.

Staff Training

All staff are able to enroll in free workshops and training programs administered by the licensee. These workshop include diversity training and managers training, just to name a few. The majority of workshops include on-line elements and classroom training.

WBHM Producer and Morning Edition Host Steve Chiotakis spent two weeks traveling Germany as part of a journalist exchange in June. During that time he represented WBHM during meetings with officials from the European Union, NATO, the German government and the American Embassy in Berlin, Germany. He also spent an afternoon with students at Humboldt University, talking with them about public broadcasting in the United States and answering questions about the American news media.


Under the auspices of the Public Radio News Directors Incorporated NewsWorks Program and the Morning Edition Grad School project, WBHM News Director Tanya Ott provided training to WBHM news and production personnel and as well as news personnel at more than a dozen stations across the country. She also provided one-on-one mentoring to journalists who attended the PRNDI Annual Conference in Los Angeles in July 2006. The mentoring program is designed to improve news skills, including interview techniques, writing and production skills.

In January 2006, WBHM launched the Making Radio Series – a monthly workshop that teaches community members about story conception, broadcast writing, digital editing and other skills necessary to work as radio journalist. Several of the workshop attendees have gone on to become regular freelance reporters for WBHM

Job Listings

Although there were no job openings during the period in question, all upper level jobs are listed through various web sites and print organs of CPB, NPR, The Alabama Broadcasters Assoc. and UAB. WBHM lists all job openings on it locally hosted web site.

Job/Career Fairs

Program Director, Michael Krall, News Director Tanya Ott, Development Director Mary Hendley and General Manager Mike Morgan represented WBHM at an all-day licensee sponsored Spring Career Fair on Tuesday, February 21, 2006.

Development Director Mary Hendley, News Director Tanya Ott, Program Director Michael Krall and General Manager Mike Morgan represented WBHM at the 2006 Fall Career Fair, sponsored by the station's licensee. The Fall Career Fair took place on September 21, 2006.

Business/Financial Manager Ernest Williams spoke to a UAB Fundamentals of Broadcasting Class on March 7, 2006. Mr. Williams was a member of a panel of broadcasters who discussed revenue and expense activities of a typical public radio station. There was a question and answer period after the panel discussion.


WBHM staff manned a booth at the Magic City Art Connection Art Fair in Birmingham's Linn Park, held April 28, 29 & 30, 2006.

WBHM staff manned a booth at the City Stages Music Festival in downtown Birmingham, held June 16, 17 & 18, 2006.

WBHM staff manned a booth at the Moss Rock Festival at the Preserve in Hoover on November 4 & 5, 2006.