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Romantic Adagios Vol. 1

Romantic Adagios: A two CD set produced by Decca Music with “the most romantic, peaceful and emotional melodies ever written.”

$60 Level

Evolution by Eric Essix

Birmingham Jazz musician Eric Essix pays tribute to his hometown in this compiliation. Contains six original songs and a handful of chosen covers by Essix.

$120 Level

Ties that Bind : Stories of Love and Gratitude From the First Ten Years of Storycorps

Autographed on a book plate by Storycorps founder, Dave Isay, Ties that Bind is a special collection of stories from the first ten years of Storycorps.

$180 Level

Fading Ads of Birmingham

Autographed by Birmingham artist and author, Charles Buchanan, this rich volume examines the rich history of painted ads throughout the Magic City. A must have for any lover of all things Birmingham!

$240 Level

The Car Talk Care Package

The ultimate gift for the Car Talk lover in your front seat. It includes a black Car Talk baseball cap with "Dewey, Cheetham and Howe" on the back, a ceramic Car Talk and WBHM mug, PLUS a packet of our signature WBHM blended coffee Higher Ground Coffee.

$365 Level