Sunday Feb. 23, 2014
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 12 AM
Classical Music
12:01 am John Playford: Paul's Steeple and Stingo
Apollo's Banquet
Harmonia Mundi 907186 
12:06 am Ludwig van Beethoven: Violin Sonata No. 10
Pinchas Zukerman, violin
Marc Neikrug, piano
RCA 61219 
12:35 am Manuel de Falla: Miller's Dance
Narciso Yepes, guitar
DG 423699 
12:40 am Michio Mamiya: Five Finnish Folk Songs: No. 4 Mikin Pekko
Yo-Yo Ma, cello
Joel Fan, piano
Sony 2668 
12:42 am Reynaldo Hahn: The Ball of Beatrice d'Este
Paris Orchestra / Jean-Pierre Jacquillat
EMI 47647 
 1 AM
Classical Music
1:01 am Hamilton Harty: A John Field Suite: Polka
Ulster Orchestra / Bryden Thomson
Chandos 6583 
1:06 am Antonin Dvorak: Nocturne
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
DG 431680 
1:14 am Morten Lauridsen: Nocturnes: Soneto de la Noche
Polyphony / Stephen Layton
Hyperion 67580 
1:22 am Gabriel Faure: Piano Trio
Beaux Arts Trio
Philips 422350 
1:44 am Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony No. 26
Prague Chamber Orchestra / Charles Mackerras
Telarc 80186 
1:52 am Camille Saint-Saens: Tarantella
Debra Wendells-Cross, flute
Robert Alemany, clarinet
JoAnn Falletta, guitar
Virginia Arts 901 
 2 AM
Classical Music
2:01 am John Blow: Chaconne
Musica Antiqua Cologne / Reinhard Goebel
Archiv 453418 
2:06 am Heitor Villa-Lobos: The little pigeons
Quintet of the Americas
XLNT 18008 
2:07 am Leopold Mozart: Symphony
London Mozart Players / Matthias Bamert
Chandos 10496 
2:17 am Franz Liszt: Evening Bells
Jerome Lowenthal, piano
Bridge 9307 
2:24 am Peter Tchaikovsky: Souvenir of Florence
Emerson String Quartet
Paul Neubauer, viola
Colin Carr, cello
Sony 47060 
 3 AM
Classical Music
3:01 am Emmanuel Chabrier: Pompous Minuet
Minnesota Orchestra / Eiji Oue
Reference 79 
3:06 am Keith Jarrett: Elegy for Violin and Strings
I Musici Montreal / Yuli Turovsky
Eleonora Turovsky, violin
Chandos 9748 
3:25 am Paul Hindemith: Sonata for Harp
Elinor Bennett, harp
Nimbus 5441 
3:37 am Leos Janacek: On an Overgrown Path: Allegro
Cathy Krier, piano
Avi-Music 8553290 
3:43 am Ludwig van Beethoven: Sextet for Two Horns and Strings
Consortium Classicum
Dabringhaus 3010594 
 4 AM
Classical Music
4:01 am Johan Svendsen: Symphony No. 2: 3rd movement
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra / Mariss Jansons
EMI 49769 
4:06 am George Frideric Handel: Xerxes: Act I: Largo
Chen Yi, violin
Lars Hannibal, guitar
OUR Recordings 220602 
4:12 am Alexandre Desplat: Argo: The Mission
Studio Orchestra / Alexandre Desplat
Warner 39382 
4:16 am Johann Hummel: Piano Quintet
EMI 54264 
4:40 am Adalbert Gyrowetz: Symphony
London Mozart Players / Matthias Bamert
Chandos 9791 
 5 AM
Classical Music
5:01 am Thomas C. Kelly: Pastoral and Reel
Irish Chamber Orchestra / Fionnuala Hunt
Black Box 1003 
5:06 am Rupert Lang: Earth Teach Me
Musica Intima
Atma 2613 
5:14 am Johann Sebastian Bach: Sheep May Safely Graze
Rolf Smedvig, trumpet
Michael Murray, organ
Telarc 80341 
5:20 am Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria
Ensemble Caprice / Mattias Maute
Monika Mauch, soprano
Shannon Mercer, soprano
Josee Lalonde, alto
Analekta 9917 
5:48 am Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sinfonia No. 2
CPE Bach Chamber Orchestra / Hartmut Haenchen
Capriccio 10106 
 6 AM
With Heart and Voice
with Peter DuBois
A weekly program of choral and organ music covering a wide spectrum of Western sacred music, with brief organ selections offered between choral works.
 7 AM - 9 AM
Weekend Edition
with Audie Cornish
Sunday mornings are special--there's a unique pace to the day. Whether grabbing that second cup of coffee, or spending some extra time with your family, Weekend Edition Sunday compliments you day perfectly by delivering the latest news, along with an insightful blend of commentary and analysis, blended with interviews and feature stories about music, history, science and sports.
 9 AM
Car Talk
with Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers) are America's funniest auto mechanics. Imagine the Marx Brothers answering questions about automobiles. Mix it all up, throw in a little Dr. Ruth and a little Smothers Brothers, and you've got an hour's worth of automotive mayhem!
 10 AM
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
with Peter Segal
It's a wacky and whip-smart approach to the week's news and newsmakers. America's favorite newscaster, NPR's Carl Kasell, is the show's official judge and scorekeeper.
 11 AM - 1 PM
A Prairie Home Companion
with Garrison Keillor
A two-hour weekly variety program hosted by bestselling author and National Humanities Award-winner Garrison Keillor. Each week's broadcast showcases actors Tim Russell and Sue Scott, and the sound effects of Tom Keith, The Guys' All-Star Shoe Band, and The News from Lake Wobegon, an update from the little town where "all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average."
 1 PM
Says You!
with Richard Sher
A game of words and whimsy, bluff and bluster featuring six panelists.
 2 PM
Studio 360
with Kurt Anderson
Public radio's smart and surprising guide to what's happening in pop culture and the arts. Meet people who are creating and shaping our culture.
 3 PM
This American Life
with Ira Glass
Some of the best storytelling public radio has to offer. The program explores a theme, through a playful mix of radio monologues, mini-documentaries, "found tape," short fiction and unusual music.
 4 PM
All Things Considered
All Things Considered deliverers in-depth reporting and transforms the way you understand the world. Listen for an hour of insightful news mixed with commentary and interviews, as well as special--sometimes quirky--features.
 5 PM
On The Media
Decoding what we hear, read, and see in the media every day and arming us with critical tools necessary to survive the information age.
 6 PM
TED Radio Hour
A journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, and new ways to think and create.
 7 PM - 10 PM
with John Diliberto
A modern soundscape of music that draws from various cultures, traditions, and genres.
 10 PM - 12 AM
Music From The Hearts of Space
with Stephen Hill
A timeless experience, as ancient as the echoes of a simple bamboo flute or as contemporary as the latest ambient CD. "Spacemusic" is quiet, consonant, ethereal, often without conventional rhythmic and dynamic contrasts and it bridges diverse historical, ethnic, and contemporary styles.

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