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The guest roster boasts such notables as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam, professor Anita Hill, actor and director John Malkovich, authors Isabel Allende, Jonathan Safron Foer, Marilyn Robinson, "The Wall Street Journal's" John Harwood, jazzman Sonny Rollins and actress Jane Fonda.

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NPR Investigation: Debtors Prisons Can Still Be Found (Part 2)
We return to a story we began yesterday about what some are calling "modern day debtors prisons."
A Look At The History Of Christians In Turkey, As Pope Francis Visits
A century ago, Christians made up 20 percent of the Turkish population; today, that figure has dwindled to less than 1 percent.
‘Freak Accident’ Claims Life of Star Australian Cricket Player
Cricketer Phillip Hughes died Thursday from a "catastrophic" injury to his head, two days after being struck by a delivery during a match.
Study: E-Cigarettes Contain More Carcinogens Than Cigarettes
A new study finds e-cigarettes contain as much as 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents as traditional cigarettes.
A Guide For The Perplexed: Tech Gadgets For Holiday Gifts
Two product reviewers at the tech news site Re/code share their top picks for the baby boomers, teens and fitness freaks in your family.
Pot Businesses In Colorado Promote ‘Green Friday’
In Colorado, pot businesses are offering Black Friday deals — except they're calling the day "Green Friday."
Black Friday: Protests In Ferguson, Fights In Britain
In Ferguson, protesters interrupted holiday shopping to speak out on the grand jury decision not to indict the officer who killed Michael Brown.
In Downtown Newark, A Thriving Farm With No Sun Or Soil
In an old nightclub in downtown Newark, the startup AeroFarms has opened an aeroponic farm — a type of soil-free vertical farming.
Overstuffed? Keeping Pounds Off During The Holidays
A nutritionist and personal trainer offers some concrete advice to help people get to January feeling fit and healthy.
A Trek To A Farm Where Christmas Trees Are Born
Farmer Michael Smolack in Andover, Mass., says what kind of tree you pick likely depends on where you live.
India’s New Prime Minister Takes His Place On World Stage
Narendra Modi is already seen by some as one of India's most powerful leaders ever, but what should the world make of him?
Chinese Dissidents Executed For Their Organs
An investigative journalist alleges that Chinese dissidents are routinely rounded up and executed so doctors can harvest their organs.
Money-Saving Tips For Holiday Shopping
As the spending season kicks off, we look at new apps that can track spending and tell you where to find the best deals for a product.
U.K. To Curb Benefits For Legal Immigrants
Prime Minister David Cameron says migrants from Europe will have to leave if they don't get a job within six months.
Music From The Show
From Four Tet to Battles.
Poet David Roderick Explores What It Means to Be American
Award-winning poet David Roderick joins us on this Thanksgiving to discuss his second book, "The Americans."
NPR Investigation: Debtors Prisons Can Still Be Found
Joseph Shapiro's investigation found that poor people are still being sent to jail for unpaid fines and fees.
Budweiser Shifts Focus To Millennials, Moves Away From Clydesdales
Instead of trotting out the horses, its main holiday advertising campaign will feature hip twenty-somethings and a Twitter hashtag.
Mystery Writer P.D. James Dies At 94
The English crime novelist is credited with bringing realistic modern characters to the classical British detective story.
Ferguson Cake Shop Buoyed By Money And Support
Natalie Dubose sold her cakes at flea markets for years to save up to open her own bakery this summer. It was damaged in the riots.

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