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For one energetic hour each weekday, Here and Now combines the best in news journalism with intelligent, broad-ranging conversation to form a fast-paced program that updates the news from the morning and adds important conversations on public policy and foreign affairs, science and technology, and the arts: film, theater, music, food and more.

The guest roster boasts such notables as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam, professor Anita Hill, actor and director John Malkovich, authors Isabel Allende, Jonathan Safron Foer, Marilyn Robinson, "The Wall Street Journal's" John Harwood, jazzman Sonny Rollins and actress Jane Fonda.

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Music From The Show
From Women to Wife.
Bill Nye, The Go-To Guy On Climate Change
The host of the '90s children's TV show has been drawing criticism from those who believe he's alarmist or bullying on climate change.
Boehner Calls Impeachment Talk Democratic ‘Scam’
House Speaker John Boehner says the House has no plans to impeach President Barack Obama.
Has Britain’s Economy Fully Recovered?
Much of the growth is based on advances in the service sector. Still, officials say the British economy is now growing faster than Germany's.
‘T-Rex’ Fast Car Drives On Three Wheels
The tiny three-wheeled car can reach 145 miles per hour and hits 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds.
U.S. ‘Border Crisis’ In A Global Context
Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch says what the U.S. is seeing is dwarfed by the massive flow of refugees into other countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon and Italy.
35 Percent Of Americans Have Debt In Collections
That's according to a study out today from The Urban Institute. The debt could be anything from hospital bills to an unpaid gym membership.
A Long, Loud Night Of Attacks In Gaza
NPR's Emily Harris is in Gaza and describes the damage after last night's attacks, and how Palestinians are celebrating Eid.
The Case For Competitive Eating
Crazy Legs Conti is a defender of the "sport," as he calls it, and a long-time Major League Eating (MLE) competitor.
Google Asks, What Makes Us Healthy? Skeptics Ask, Should Google Be The One To Know?
Google has announced a massive science project, Baseline Study, to provide the most complete possible picture of a healthy human body.
Tiny House, Big Problems
The town health department and zoning officials said Rolf and Mari von Walthousen's home is too small and deemed it uninhabitable.
Iraq War Vet Returns To A Broken Country
Roy Scranton says what he found in Baghdad "shows the evidence of the truth of what we'd actually done."
Former Top Chinese Official Targeted By Investigation
The investigation of Zhou Yongkang is part of a crackdown on corruption being conducted by China's President Xi Jinping.
U.S. Accuses Russia Of Missile Test, West Agrees On Tougher Sanctions
The Obama administration is formally accusing Russia of testing ground-launched cruise missiles, in violation of a 1987 agreement.
Music From The Show
From Dr. Dre to Neu!
Rob Reiner Reflects On Making Movies From ‘And So It Goes’ To ‘Princess Bride’
The actor and director has been making people laugh for decades.
Are House Calls Making A Comeback?
Avir Mitra of WHYY reports that due to a growing older population and rising medical costs, the doctor home visit is getting a second look.
Big Money In Dollar Tree’s Acquisition Of Family Dollar
We take a look at the $8.5 billion deal, and how the business of dollar stores has adapted as the economy has improved.
Is Social Security In Trouble Again?
Federal projections show trouble ahead for the Social Security fund, but Erig Kingson argues there should be no cutting of benefits.
Congress Not Expected To Accomplish Much Before Recess
Lawmakers still have immigration and the Highway Trust Fund on their plate, with no expected resolution before their August recess.

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