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Hosted by Robin Young, Here and Now is public radio's midday news magazine.

For one energetic hour each weekday, Here and Now combines the best in news journalism with intelligent, broad-ranging conversation to form a fast-paced program that updates the news from the morning and adds important conversations on public policy and foreign affairs, science and technology, and the arts: film, theater, music, food and more.

The guest roster boasts such notables as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam, professor Anita Hill, actor and director John Malkovich, authors Isabel Allende, Jonathan Safron Foer, Marilyn Robinson, "The Wall Street Journal's" John Harwood, jazzman Sonny Rollins and actress Jane Fonda.

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Music From The Show
From Dawn Of Midi to Jamie xx.
Inside The Lives Of Chinese Restaurant Workers
Atticus Lish's novel and a recent New Yorker article have thrown a spotlight onto the plight of the workers in Chinese restaurants.
Atticus Lish’s ‘Preparation For The Next Life’
The author's debut novel centers on an unlikely romance between an Iraq veteran and a Uyghur from China.
School Tries To Help Students By Coaching Parents
Pasadena schools are hosting "charlas" or chats where parents can learn tips on how to prepare their children for college.
‘Saving Private Ryan’ Among Films Being Preserved
The 25 movies being inducted this year into the National Film Registry for long-term preservation span the years 1913 to 2004.
Drone On Your Christmas List? Here Are A Few Things You Should Know.
Drones are emerging as an increasingly popular big-ticket gift item this year. Seth Stevenson shares drone advice and top picks.
Worries Rise In Russia As Ruble Falls
The slumping ruble has unleashed a spending spree, as consumers snap up electronics, furniture and cars before prices soar.
After Prisoner Release, Obama Announces Seismic Shift In U.S.-Cuba Relations
NPR's Scott Horsley discusses the release of American Alan Gross and the policy changes coming to U.S.-Cuba relations.
DJ Sessions: Best Songs Of 2014
Anne Litt and Travis Holcombe of KCRW listen back to some of the best songs of 2014, including sounds from Ty Segall and Caribou.
In The Media: Torture By Any Other Name
NPR's David Folkenflik discusses how language choice in the media can frame the way we think about a subject.
Obama: U.S. Ending Outdated Approach To Cuba
The president announced the re-establishment of diplomatic relations as well as economic and travel ties with the communist island.
Diagnosing Ear Infections With Your Smartphone
The CellScope Oto is a clip-on gadget that turns a smartphone into an otoscope — the tool doctors use to check out a patient's eardrum.
Is Bitcoin Back?
Time, Inc. is now accepting the digital currency for subscriptions. But it's also being named one of the worst investments of 2014.
The Man Behind The School Attack In Pakistan
The leader of the Pakistani Taliban is a man named Maulana Fazlullah, but he's better known as "Mullah Radio."
Movie Theatres Drop Plans To Run ‘The Interview’
Security fears spurred Sony to let theater chains cancel showings of the movie, which is about a CIA plot to kill North Korea's leader.
Music From The Show
From Yppah to oOoOO.
The Hunt For Afghan War Criminals
Dutch prosecutors are preparing cases against several Afghans believed to be living in Europe. Some of the crimes date back 30 years.
‘Sacred Journeys’ Documents Religious Pilgrimages
In a new documentary series on PBS, Bruce Feiler accompanies Americans on pilgrimages to six of the world's holiest sites.
4 U.S. Cities Make Their Case To Host Summer Olympics
San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston and Los Angeles are presenting their 2024 bids to the U.S. Olympic Committee.
Questions And Mourning After Sydney Cafe Siege
Australians are mourning the two hostages killed in a 16-hour siege at a cafe, and asking how the attack happened.

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Birmingham Native Callie Courter's New Album 'Love is for the Brave'
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Sustainability: Birmingham Mayor William Bell
SUSTAINABILITY: Grant Brigham Of Jones Valley Teaching Farm

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