Beyond Charity: Turning The Soup Kitchen Upside Down
For 25 years, DC Central Kitchen has been a place for the hungry to feed themselves and learn new skills. Now a bustling social enterprise, it's inspired similar programs across the nation.
Tech Week: Smartphone Privacy, Cyberstalking, Alibaba's Big Debut
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba makes the biggest debut on the NYSE ever. The details, and the other tech stories that piqued our interest, are in this week's roundup.
With Alibaba IPO, Yahoo Reaps A Big Reward From Risky Bet
Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang made a smart move when his company invested in a Chinese e-commerce firm called Alibaba in 2005. With this week's Alibaba IPO, Yahoo will gain nearly $8 billion.
What's In A Name? For Alibaba, It's 'Treasure'
Why does a Chinese company have an Arabic name? Melissa Block and Robert Siegel take us back to the San Francisco coffee shop where company CEO Jack Ma reportedly came up with the name.
With IPO, Alibaba Hopes To Compete In The West
Shares of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba started trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. The company raised more than $20 billion with its initial public offering, shattering a U.S. record set by Visa in 2008.
To Foil Russia's Food Ban, Imported Ingredients Go Incognito
Russia's ban on imported foods hasn't stopped its trendiest restaurants from sourcing top-quality ingredients like Italian cheese and Norwegian fish. How? Just slap on a "made in Belarus" label.
A Single Insurer Holds Obamacare's Fate In 2 States
Where have the insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act struggled the most? The answer lies in commerce, not politics.
Alibaba Shares Surge On First Day Of Trading
Shares of the Chinese e-commerce giant opened at $92.70 a share on the New York Stock Exchange today, making it the biggest initial public offering in U.S. history. They were priced at $68 a share.
Iconic Pabst Beer Brands Sold To Russian Company
Pabst Brewing Co., with its famous Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee and Schlitz labels, is being acquired by Russian brewer Oasis Beverages for an undisclosed sum.
Alibaba's Initial Public Offering Is One Of The Largest Ever
Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. The IPO values Alibaba at $168 billion when it begins trading.
'Portland, Maine' Is Tim McGraw's Break Up Song
Portland's spokesman says whoever it was that broke Tim McGraw's heart in that song made a good choice moving to Portland. She says the mayor would happily give the singer a personal tour of the city.
Retailers' Customers Cautioned As Cyber Attacks Continue
Home Depot says some 56 million card holders were possibly compromised in a cyber attack. It says there's no evidence that debit PIN numbers were comprised or that the breach affected online shoppers.
General Mills To Close 2 Plants, Hundreds To Be Let Go
General Mills blames the move on an industry-wide decline in breakfast cereal sales. It says sales of its brands have dropped by 10 percent in the last quarter alone.
How NASA's New Spaceships Stack Up
Earlier this week, NASA awarded two contracts for new spaceships to commercial companies. Here's how they compare.
Larry Ellison Steps Down As Oracle's CEO
Safra Catz and Mark Hurd will be co-CEOs. Ellison, who co-founded Oracle in 1977, was named executive chairman of the board and Oracle's chief technology officer.