Just How Bad Is Alabama's General Fund Budget Shortfall?

Alabama has had its fare share of budget trouble, and this fiscal year is no different. Governor Robert Bentley, in a speech last week, said Alabama's General Fund could be short about $250 million. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Kyle Whitmire of Al.com and the Birmingham News discusses the extent of the state's financial woes with WBHM's Rachel Osier Lindley.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

Birmingham leaders are hoping to continue the momentum after a couple of pharmaceutical firms announced new operations in the area. Oxford Pharmaceuticals will build a new plant expected to employ 200 people. Another drug company called Evonik plans to expand creating 45 jobs. Birmingham Business Journal Editor Cindy Crawford talks about what that means in this week's Magic City Marketplace.

My Name is Birmingham: Learning to Love a Unique Name and City

Our name can have a profound impact on our lives. Names can reveal details about us to people -- often, before we even meet them. Studies show our names can affect how we do in school or our chances landing a job. So what if your name stands out in a way you're not proud of? In her monthly blog post for WBHM, our guest blogger Javacia Harris Bowser writes about how learning to love her unique name helped her better appreciate herself and where she's from.

Why Does Alabama Replace License Plates Every Five Years?

If you're like most Alabama residents, you received a new license plate in the mail this year. There was actually nothing wrong with your old one. Still, every five years, the state sends replacement plates for the majority of registered vehicles in the state. But have you ever stopped to think why? It costs the state millions of dollars and some are asking questions. WBHM's Sarah Delia has this report.

John Archibald: A Spat in the Mike Hubbard Case

A trial for indicted Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard has been delayed until next year, but it hasn't stopped people on both sides from trying to influence public discussion. Hubbard faces 23 corruption charges and Tuesday Acting Attorney General Van Davis released a statement pushing back against Hubbard defenders who say this is a political prosecution. By the end of the day Hubbard's lawyer said he would file new a motion with the court. Alabama Media group columnist John Archibald talks about the tit-for-tat.

Leadership and Diversity in Alabama's Democratic Party

Alabama's Democratic party has long been led by white democrats, a trend that has continued after the November 4 elections. But the overwhelming majority of Democratic elected officials are black. Kyle Whitmire discusses why party leadership doesn't accurately reflect the party, along with the latest on House Speaker Mike Hubbard's ethics charges and what's next for U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

With Trinity Medical Center planning to relocate from Birmingham's east side to along U.S. 280, that'll put a major hospital in an area that already sees significant traffic congestion. But state transportation officials say they're preparing for the influx of cars that will come with the new facility. We talk about those plans in this week's Magic City Marketplace.

New Clocks Launch November 17th

Starting Monday, you may notice a slight change in some of your favorite NPR programs. So what exactly does a clock have to do with radio?

John Archibald: The Future of UAB Football

Alabama may be a football crazy state, but UAB's football program has always struggled to gain traction. Certainly there's the dominance of the teams at the University of Alabama and Auburn University. But UAB boosters say the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees has undermined the team and is now trying to shut it down. We talk about the situation with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald.

Kyle Whitmire: Gerrymandering In Alabama

On Wednesday the US Supreme Court took up the complicated question of what kind of gerrymandering is acceptable and what kind is not. The court is being asked to decide whether a 2010 state legislative redistricting in Alabama overloaded some districts with black Democrats on the basis of race or party.

John Archibald: Election Analysis

Politicians may be known more for spin than truth, but Governor Robert Bentley's assessment of Tuesday's Republican sweep in the Alabama elections seems pretty accurate. He said at a press conference Wednesday the results show the dominance of Republicans and the disarray of the Alabama Democratic Party. Republicans did maintain their hold of all statewide offices and picked up a few seats in the state legislature. Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald offers analysis.

With Republicans Dominating the Ballot Box, What's Next?

Alabama Republicans are celebrating their election victories as they maintained control of all statewide offices and all but one congressional seat. Republicans also added to their supermajority in the the Alabama legislature. That means 4 more years for Governor Robert Bentley and 4 more years of Republican dominance.

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